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  1. fishon-son

    Punching 1/8th lexan

    it looks like this but much bigger this is a 1 ton and will be just fine......your punch needs to be sharp mine needs sharping and a better relief works better on circuit board ive moved to that.....
  2. fishon-son

    Crankbait Bills

    5 min devcon for me on the bills 30 min on the bait thinned finding I like the circut board bills a lot..cant seam to break one...bang the baits off rocks, cement and seawalls with no breaks yet is a bonus
  3. fishon-son

    Punching 1/8th lexan

    we have a arbor press at the shop bigger manual the punches just fine but some do crack so yes and no.....
  4. anyone making a candy black powder paint   ?  I ask because I just used a candy green and it shows the ultra minnow head so well   you can see all the detail.....

    1. cadman


      I have not used any Candy black, however I have used transparent black dye and it works fine. the only thing you have to do is clear coat it. Otherwise it will wash off. Here's a link you can look at


      Take Care..................................Ted

    2. fishon-son
    3. kmsnowman


      Yes I'd be interested in that contact as well.

  5. fishon-son

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    I like a cut are the molded tails?
  6. fishon-son

    Purchasing Crankbait blanks

    if you live close to the boarder you can get a p.o. box and have your stuff mailed to can have them email you when its put in the box and ready for pick up.... drive over pick it up drive Canada post or gst….save big $$$$...if not find a friend in the states to help you out...
  7. fishon-son

    Fluid bed

    I use a minnow tank bubbler for air I can run 6 cups at a time ...I also put a valves in to control the air to each cup. I bet I could get 10 cups easy...….thanks Cadman for the plans that got me started
  8. fishon-son

    Fluid bed

    use a coffee filter that's what I glue to the bottom have done 1000s of jigs....I have a cup for all colors that I use...….never changed a filter 2 yrs now
  9. fishon-son

    Jackhammer Heads

    becareful zman just upped there patent on that whole bait blade and all...….5 more years
  10. fishon-son

    Heavy tube jig mold

    you may try a rubber core inline sinker and some epoxy..pull that rubber core out and epoxy your hook right in
  11. fishon-son

    gold plating

    check a few local machine shops most do plating of some sort they may lead you in the right direction....I guessing your talking gold may help could also try gold foil for a start
  12. fishon-son


    we found a supplier thanks
  13. fishon-son

    Rattle can paint jobs

    check out this facebook page.....brotherhood of custom crankbait painting....lots of airbrush help
  14. fishon-son

    hammered stock

    where can I find hammer stock ? like what is on trolling spoons...ive tried a ive come up with a great spoon that's working well its bigger...I can edm my spoon from the stock...ive even buy a bigger hammered spoon and cut my shape from it but nothing out there 10 / 12 inches...we even tried smashing bearings into soften stock ...any help
  15. fishon-son


    looking for 100ct of 3 1/2 tube baits cut tails only color mustard / baby poop ill try to get a pic up of what I need