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  1. your best bet is to make a real good swimbait I nice one can sell for couple hundred bucks...if not more check out swimbait universe on facebook
  2. make sure your bait is clean and thin your epoxy with denatured alcohol.....then put on your wheel
  3. it powder paint or textured paint rattle can
  4. they have 4th axis for routers and copiers for lathes...cnc wood lathe would be just like a medal cutting lathe just different tools
  5. cant seam to find big jerk bait molds 7 / 10 inch would be nice... anyone seen them
  6. cant seam to find it .. any links …..
  7. thank you.....I do have a mill so maybe I can set up a fly cutter with a grooving cutter.....ill look at McMaster carr we have a account with them at the shop......thanks again
  8. thanks again for the help
  9. thanks.....if I got that plate could I leave the paint in the cup and just change cups...I do a lot of colors.....more bigger bait..1 oz 1 1/4 1 1/2 ..for walleye jigging ….wheredo I getit from......
  10. ive been using coffee filters to hold the paint in the cup everything works well but theres lost under the filter in the bottom of the cup....I notice a guy at the fishing show was selling cups with lids and had a plastic bottom that was the filter he kept the paint in the cup pulled it out put the lid on and put in another cup that already had paint in in quick change.....what the plastic called that's used as the filter air comes right through it...
  11. I use d2t get great finishes once thinned to water and heated no bubbles ..hard as a rock bang baits off just about everything you can think of on the water...lost one to a cracked bill many baits also great on muskie baits
  12. I dip rustolum auto clear works well
  13. just picked up a printer for Christmas to make painting stencils have no idea what I got myself into.....any help
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