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  1. 3d printed lures

    wanting to buy a printer...could anyone who uses them post your baits and model of your printer please...and what was the cost of your printed bait to make
  2. Clear Coat for lacquer painted baits

    the auto clear from rust oleum works great I don't have or never had air bubbles like kbs I keep it in the can it came in.. at walmarts in the auto area non yellowing also cheap to
  3. First Ever Muskie On Homemade Crankbait

    I'm guessing you both don't fish good musky waters...we get them bass fishing all the time.....but to get back to the video great work on the bait ..I have never fished a bait with that much wobble ..but with all that flash I can see it working very well for pike and muskie ..the wounded pray look to it works....
  4. crankbait bills

    for those who make there own bills how are you doing it..sanding? or punch and die..
  5. Whopper Plopper KO

    be careful with avid many issues happening ..from no shipments to missing parts in shipments wont get my money
  6. Custom molds

    maybe good for you ....thats oversea for usa folk and I don't think its a good choice
  7. Airbrush paint

    I can send it to you
  8. buzzbaits

    in need of 2 3/8 oz all brown twin buzzbaits bullet head brown props head and skirt anyone making ?
  9. Airbrush paint

    house of color from valspar..has it ...called bright orange....I have a 1 oz sample bottle
  10. tournament bags

    ill have to give those a go.....i was thinking of getting the bigger zip loc bags and using them as inserts.....
  11. tournament bags

    is there a great bag out there that will hold up to folding and putting it back in the boat .. i go thur 3/4 a year last 3 yrs..ive tried sprayin the outsides down with pam but still seams to crack and leak....bass are most of the fish with walleyes going in second bass go back to the lake walleyes come home ..i have a outside stainless steel table for cleaning the fish are hung in the bag til its there turn then water is dumped out bag is washed out hung upside down till dry then put back in the boat . boat is garage keep.....ive tried the cheaper berkely bags that worked best and the more costly bags that just cant do it.. my issues are cracks in the corners maybe im doing something wrong...
  12. Bob Smith 20min not getting hard enough?

    you might be able to get 30min devcon 2 ton from lowes or home depot the denatured alcohol is a must it thins it out and gets all the bubbles of...also go to custom crankbait techniques on facebook..great group of people there just like here very helpful
  13. Bob Smith 20min not getting hard enough?

    i like devcon 2 ton and a few drops of denatured baits are rock hard and no cracking or chips......hold up to pike/muskies well i use the 30 min epoxy not 5 min..after i brush it on i wheel it for about 4 hrs..then just let it set for at least up north and paint in the basement some baits took 3/4 days to fully cure and 2 at least a week....but its was 40/45 degs down there ...i got the devcon off ebay 2 bigger bottles ive seen the bob smith stuff at hobby lobby but never picked it up...
  14. muskie rods

    looking for a good muskie rod that wont break the bank.....would $100 get me there? just for casting large cranks and spinners..
  15. rod repair?

    who cant put a eye in midway up my muskie trolling stick.....