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  1. Do u know the number Thanks
  2. Does anyone no of a open pour mold that looks like a Trick worm Thanks
  3. jonister i have been hand pouring for 4 years now and have tried them all that being said they all have there place for certain things but all around MF IS THE BEST
  4. JJK


    Try MF plastisol
  5. I like alumilite RTV 3 u can by it at hobby lobby if they are around your area also get the 40 percent off coupon which brings it to 20.00 bucks a can
  6. Yes. You can also use a binder clip on the top to make a very small spout. Can't explain a little more
  7. Do those cups flex when u squeeze them
  8. Was wondering if anyone has ever used Glass syringes or metal ones on the claws of Open pour ( hand poured ) craw baits And dews and do nots Thanks
  9. JJK


    Thanks to all
  10. JJK


    Hey guys For those of u that make your own masters Or those that have made them in the past Have u ever spray a clear coat on them and how did It work after sanding Thanks jjk
  11. Where do u find angling als molds Thanks
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