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  1. 5" Two Piece Male Southern Coppernose Bluegill. Custom made and hand painted.
  2. 5" Two Piece Male Southern Coppernose Bluegill. Custom made and hand painted.
  3. Thank You. There are many ways to paint gills. All beautiful patterns as well. But, these are the one's that get me bit the most. =) Except the Coppernose since they don't live here...
  4. Just finished these in time for big bass season!
  5. fishingmaker

    Light gill

    Very nice!
  6. Haven't shot video of this piece yet.
  7. 5" 2 Piece Bluegill in Male Profile.
  8. No short cuts with hand painting. Nice work!
  9. I picked up a small bottle to try. I don't like it. I believe the oder is toxic (MSDS doesn't list it as... But use with caution). Had strong smell of oder on all my test pieces even after "cure" - first with black light, followed by hanging outdoors to collect some sun for a number of days. Still smells after fishing them. The oder on the "cured" pieces is bad enough that I am throwing out those pieces. The smell is more than I expected vs. the "mild oder intensity" listed on the MSDS. I normally won't give a negative review but it is what it is. I called Alumilite, and they recommended leaving out in sun to get rid of fumes. Did not work for me. Maybe not curing somewhere on the lure as the test was purposely done on lures that were not fully sealed. Finish is not glossy, but clear. Good for a kind of semi matte finish. Pretty durable. Worked a test lure around rocks until it was scuffed in some areas and had a little hook rash, but no actual chipping of the UV clear coat. Completely different from Devcon. If curing wasn't so toxic for me, I would have loved it. I have half the bottle left. Free to anyone who wants it for testing. Just pay shipping. Feel free to message me.
  10. fishingmaker

    6" Female Bluegill

    I can make them available if anyone is interested.
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