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  1. Worm oil and packaging

    I know this thread is old but I've been struggling with the salt vs. worm oil situation. I prefer salt for packaging but I'm guessing my customers won't like how the salt dulls the color. When I do use worm oil, I put the lures in a small plastic container, drop some oil in, close the container and shake. I do the same when applying salt.
  2. Merry Christmas Guys

    May you all get fun toys under the tree!
  3. ?mf plastic

    And if you buy in bulk, its very competitively priced. I'm a fan. Mark, that's hilarious.
  4. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    I have the 631 from Basstackle and it's very similar to the Ripper. I was having trouble getting air voids since it's a top inject until Mark Paulson suggested hitting the mold with Pam. Now they shoot quite well.
  5. ?mf plastic

    I used their bounce plastic and poured some Caney Creek frogs. They didn't float a heavy gauge 4/0 EWG hook but they had a super slow sink that I think will drive the bass crazy. The guys at MF told me to let the plastic "set up" to get the ultimate floating characteristics. It still didn't float the heavy gauge EWG hook but it was darn close.
  6. Form 637 registration for exemption

    When I read the instructions, it doesn't say I must file for exemption though. It seems I can pay the excise tax without filing for exemption if I choose.
  7. I am going to start selling some plastics to end users and I know I have to pay FET. My question is this. Do I have to file for exemption using Form 637? I have searched threads here and I have seen some conflicting information. Below is the wording directly from the form. I get that if I don't register, I will have to pay the excise tax from suppliers of the materials I buy. I am pouring plastics and buying unpainted jigs, and then repainting etc. Again, I'm not arguing that I have to pay FET. I know I will. I just don't think I have to fill out a Form 637. As I have heard others mention, I went to my CPA and she didn't have any idea. Use Form 637 to apply for excise tax registration for activities under sections 4101, 4222, and 4682. See the chart on pages 2–4 for the list of activities. Each business unit that has, or is required to have, a separate EIN is treated as a separate person. The following persons must be registered. • Pipeline operator or vessel operator: activity letter X. • Enterers, position holders, refiners, and terminal operators: activity letter S. • Blenders: activity letter M. • Producers or importers of alcohol, agri-biodiesel, and biodiesel (including renewable diesel): activity letters AF, AB, and NB, respectively. • Producers of second generation biofuel: activity letter SB. Current CB registrants will not need to reapply for new SB registrations. Pub. 510, Excise Taxes, has more information regarding registrations
  8. History of tackleunderground

    When I stumbled upon this site 3 years ago it was the best present a guy could ask for! I have received help from many and I sure appreciate it! Thank you to all you "old timers!"

    Ahh, ok gotcha. . Now I understand. Maybe the cold has gotten to my brain. Just as a side note, I prefer straight tail plastics as a chatterbait trailer.

    Not trying to hijack but I've been considering the Basstackle ringed swimbait mold and now I'm confused. Two different ideas above on what plastic to use. I live way up north and can't really test until the spring so I'd love to know what plastic to use as well. I'm going to put mine on the back of a swimjig. Thoughts?
  11. Frog Failure!

    Anglinarcher, Ah, I think you just solved my dilemma. That flex 30 is perfect. Since I have an insert I've molded from the existing Top Toad, I won't have to rotomold. Thank you for the advice. I do enjoy working with the Alumilite folks. They have been great at answering my questions in the past. SlowFISH, I came to the same conclusion after the fact, the lack of air in the mold was the issue.
  12. Bobs or Do-It

    Well, I just received a 736 from bass tackle and used it. Great customer service and very fast shipping. I think it took 3 days to get it. Seems like a great mold. There is a thicker part on the end of the claws but its on opposite sides (hope that makes sense). I tested it in the sink and it seems to have good action. I would test it outside but we just got 5 inches of snow. Thanks to everyone for the advice here and the members that have messaged me with some 702 molds for sale. This forum is a blessing!
  13. Frog Failure!

    So I've been messing around with recreating a Stanley Top Toad for awhile. I was able to create some workable Toads out of plastisol but I wanted a more durable lure. If you're unfamiliar, the Top Toad has paddle feet and floats (it's hollow). I'm not selling these, they're just for me to use. Well, I got the idea to buy some liquid rubber and pour it into the POP mold I made last year. First off, I bought the Rustoleum product, brought it home and opened the can. Man it stinks! . I decided just to pour it into my injection mold because I didn't want to ruin my injector in the experiment. It was very thick and difficult to pour into the mold but I did itI then waited about 30 hours and checked the mold. The rubber hadn't even begin to set up. At this point I decided that if it took 2-3 days to set up, it wasn't worth it and now I'm in the process of trying to salvage the mold. Just thought I'd share so others can learn from my mistake.
  14. Bobs or Do-It

    How long is the Mad Dad 3XL? Does the Mad Dad series have similar action to the Rage Craw?
  15. Bobs or Do-It

    OK, thanks for the info! What's the scoop on the Do-It molds? Are they good? Specifically their craw molds.