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  1. wvspeck

    Stone Molds

    Thanks I will try that
  2. wvspeck

    Stone Molds

    Thanks for the info!!!!!!
  3. wvspeck

    Stone Molds

    Thanks, I have been using worm oil with good success. Shot probably 50 plus baits with very little flash. I have been oiling about every 5 shots or so. Still want to try Pam.
  4. So how many shots do you get before you need to re-oil the stone molds? does Pam work? Is there a permanent treatment? Thanks for all the help.
  5. berkley Camo is one of the hardest colors to make. (at least for me) Ive been playing a little, its close but no cigar yet 1 cup plastic 4 drops of moss green 3 drops of watermelon 2 drops oxblood now the key I found to give it the brownish effect was the brown Fleck and the gold fleck added into it. I only had .035 and it should be fine fleck Found this in the Color cookbook
  6. Where can you buy the Oxblood and Moss Green color additive to make Berkley Camo like the recipe on here says? And Brown glitter for that also? Thanks
  7. Are You just using plain table salt? Thanks
  8. wvspeck

    Power Hawg

    that is VERY close. Thanks
  9. wvspeck

    Power Hawg

    Who makes a good mold that looks like the Berkley Power Hawg 4" and is there anyone that has a good scent like they use in/ on power hawg? Thanks in advance
  10. The green pumpkin powder paint I use to use was a dull finish. The same brand I use today is a shiny finish. Anyone have any pointers to dull it down, or a brand that is a dull color as apposed to the gloss? Thanks
  11. I just used the stuff that they tape duct work with.
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