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  1. kidskicks

    Beer Buzzards

    The Beer Buzzards, Tested on both Muskie and Pike fishing. Rattles in the Beer Caps, make a sound the fish can't resist
  2. kidskicks

    Snake Pop ER

    This is my testing Lure for 2014, I call it a snake pop er, the top caps have a wood center and floats. All made from beer caps, Yes beer caps catch fish, tested in my other lures,, Fun testing lure for 2014

    © 2014

  3. kidskicks

    Main Horse

    I call this, My Main Horse fly.. Catches Muskie, Pike and Bass, Wipers love them,,, on the line and fished like a fly on a small stream, Soft like a fly, until the fish hits, You are mine big boy..

    © 2014

  4. kidskicks

    The Beer Buzzards

    This is the Beer Buzzard, Make of Beer caps,, You can put skirts, minnows and other trailers, and troll cast spin and most of Chuck En lures mentality,, Like a fly on a small stream

    © 2014

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