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  1. Sad to say, but what you speak of is not remotely new. Ask any artist, singer/songwriter, inventor, etc. The copyright and patent offices have been in existence for a long time for a reason. I do understand your point to a degree, but even the big boys deal with it everyday. I remember when Strike King brought out the "Sexy Shad" pattern. Almost overnight EVERYBODY was turning out the same pattern with similar naming. My only complaint in the whole thing is I don't agree with calling an airbrushed, mass-produced plastic blank a custom lure. "Custom Painted" is fine, but that's
  2. That's nice! Hadn't thought about an oscillating belt, and it's a but more than I'd planned to spend, but I might have to look into it. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the info! That's one of the few complaints I had heard was that the belt was difficult to change. As for the starting, it may need a new starting capacitor or need one added. Not a huge concern as I'm a maintenance tech and deal with that regularly at work.
  4. I was wondering about the Harbor Freight sander. I've got their 8x10 lathe and love it! Might have to give the sander a try! Has anyone had any issues or trouble with changing belts or discs? Or stability issues?
  5. I'm looking to add a belt/disc sander to my shop and was wondering what models everyone was using. What pros/cons? Not looking for a professional model or to spend a small fortune. I'm just wanting a benchtop model for shaping and some finishing, and maybe odd jobs on my RC cars. Not really concerned about brand. Thanks in advance y'all!
  6. I know what you mean! I'm trying to get back into lure making but seeing some of the paint jobs here make my best efforts look like caveman art. Makes me look at my old Paasche H with somewhat lessened enthusiasm.
  7. This sounds excellent! I use a lot of cedar as well. And my local Wal-Mart has it for less than $20/gallon. Also like the tennis ball can idea! Think I'll go this route and maybe use pearl white over this under the transparent and fluorescent colors.
  8. You've grabbed my attention with the 123 primer! How well does that work? Is it plain water base or does it have latex in it? I used to dip lures in acrylic enamels but the dry time was awful!
  9. I just ordered an Auto Air transparent basic color set because it had 4 oz. bottles and the price was good. I know I'll be using a lot of white so I'm going to definitely look at the Golden brand white. Probably get some fluorescents or iridescent next.
  10. Waaaay back when I first got into making lures seriously (or at least as seriously as a fishing obsessed 17 year old could be), I used oil based enamels as that's pretty much all I could easily get ahold of in my rural area. I had black, white, red, blue, green, yellow and orange. I would mix those to get the color I wanted and then mix in enough thinner to get it about the consistency of milk and it worked fine through my Paasche H. Cleaning was a pain in the posterior though! So, yeah, I'm planning to start with mostly basic colors and maybe some fluorescents and transparents
  11. I'm slowly expanding my lure making capabilities, and was wondering which airbrush paint would be best to start out with? I searched the site and Createx Auto Air and Wicked Colors, and Testors Aztek seem to be the go to brands. I'm planning on buying a couple of different sets to get started, i.e. basic, fluorescent, transparent, opaque, etc.. My real questions are, 1.) What brand would be best to start with? And 2.) What colors/categories (flo., trans., pearl) would see the most use to start with? I will be adding to my palate as I go, but don't have a huge budg
  12. Can't recall the maker, but one of the big companies marketed a plug with a valve on the belly and included a syringe that fit into the valve so you could add water or suck it back out. As I recall it didn't last too many years.
  13. I got into lure making when I had a lot more time to invest in it. I spent a lot of time on the water as well. Ah, to be a carefree teenager again! Even then, though, I was a bit of a dinosaur and preferred wood lures to plastic. Making my own lures was a way to get wood versions of some of the plastic lures I liked. And there's NOTHING like the feeling you get when you catch a fish on a lure that was just a branch on a cedar tree before you took a knife and paintbrush to it! Now, after many years away from the hobby, I'm getting back into it because I enjoy it. I love tinker
  14. I would just go ahead and replace them. Cheap insurance.
  15. Good luck! You're gonna need it! My issue is I've got not one but TWO 10x16 workshops, and they're both so full that I can't find room for all of my luremaking stuff! Now I'm trying to figure out what's gonna go to make some space.
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