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  1. i have just started pouring this jig and im using the mustad 38109 flat eye the problem i have is with the 1/8 weed guard used base pin sent with mold and cut them so they fit with the hook but the hole just is not right so i drilled them out on the jig glued them. in next attempt i poured with weed guards in and some still came out is the 1/8 the wrong weed guard or is it the hook and i need to modify base pin the jigs that the weed guards stay in are coming out the way i want but the weed guards falling not good . most of the problem is with the 1/8 size jig
  2. I do pour my own - and the ones I tried to powder coat had been in my boat forever. Tonight poured some fresh new ones, coated them, baked them - watermelon color is perfect! i did turn the oven down some. Thank you for all your suggestions and your help. It was a combination of things and i think i have the right mix now (if not...i'll be back!). thanks again.
  3. thanks for the info thought maybe the powder was bad good to know its something im doing wrong i can fix that. so been using a small propane torch for heat source just started using fluid bed and i bake them in a toaster oven to cure. Q1 What is the best heat source to heat the lead for powder coating - have seen many different sources - propane torch, candle, heat gun. Q2 Is there any way to "clean" the dirty lead to make it usable to where the powder will stick better?
  4. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this forum and i'm having an issue with my powder coating. I do it for myself and have managed in the past, however this time around the color isn't cooperating. I use the Pro-Tech powder paint by CSI. It is older - i think i've had it for 2-4 years. Will age affect this? The powder seems fine. When i heat the jig head and dip in the powder, some of them don't take the powder well - looking like moss on a rock or cracked. The ones that do look decent, when baked in my toaster oven all are jacked up. My main two colors (green pumpkin & watermelon) look like the color they should before baked, and after baking they look the same this year - no difference in color. It also appears that the black powder paint is nearly baking off. any suggestions would be great appreciated.
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