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  1. Sweet, nice scales!
  2. Thank you. All paint on this one but I did carve a lateral line on both sides but I didn't get a pic of it before paint. Its hard to see it in the painted pic but its there.
  3. florida strain


    Thanks, I also use this body shape as a 2.5 inch surface lure, by adding a prop on the back.
  4. florida strain


    Handmade Rainbow Trout 6 inch 3/4 oz. #4 hooks

    © 2015

  5. florida strain

    Walkin Dead

    Handmade 1/2 oz. 4inch #4 hooks

    © 2015

  6. florida strain


    Handmade diving jerkbait 2.5 inch 0-6 depth #6 hooks 1/4oz

    © 2015

  7. florida strain

    Handmade Jerkbait

    Handmade jerkbait. 0-6 depth 4 inch length 1/2 oz. #4 hooks

    © 2015

  8. Thanks this lure was painted with rattle cans. White base automotive type spray paint. Then OD green flat camo spray paint down the back. Next is chrome metallic spray paint shot through large scale netting across sides, this paint has a pigment that makes that effect. Then black shad dots spray painted through stencil. Finally red spray paint shot in mouth and through fine netting on throat. Assembled with stainless hardware then 2 coats of Versachem 2ton epoxy. Shaped from American Poplar, sealed with spar urethane. Eagle Claw hooks size #4
  9. I use Minwax spar urethane. I cut it with mineral spirits around 10% to help the wood absorb it into the grain deeper. A light scuff with 500 grit between dips and before primer. Works for me. I use semi gloss, some people like the flat better.
  10. Been pretty busy, but happy with the way these ended up. Thanks for looking!

    © 2014

  11. It works pretty well, and its a way to get all your basic equipment in one area. Make sure you get one that locks up well. Also painting in the same area you shape can be somewhat difficult because the sawdust particles. Get some small organizing compartments to store your lure parts and small tools in or you wont remember where half the stuff is. Things will get scattered around pretty quick in there once you get busy.
  12. Sorry I was late to respond to the thread. I make my lures in the same very fashion. Spar urethane to seal with. I cut it with mineral spirits, to help absorb into the grain deeper. I use semi gloss, the first coat absorbs quick, and the next coat fills in fine seams and levels everything out. I use 500 grit in between coats,and before paint prime. All my lures painted in the gallery so far are done with rattle cans, no airbrush. And I use Versachem 2 Ton epoxy for my topcoat. I don't leave any templates on more than 60 seconds.
  13. Saw this video on another source, and luckily own a few pieces. Best paint work I ever saw, to come out of Florida! Barry if you get back into it give me a shout.
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