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  1. phitans

    Holographic Foiled Black Crappie

  2. phitans

    Crankster Gill...

    very nice!
  3. phitans

    musky 001

    Thank you! It's really my second and third. My first ones are in the other pic. I learned so much on this forum!
  4. phitans

    musky baits 001

    More gliders. First time building from scratch.
  5. phitans

    musky 001

    Some hand made Maple gliders. First attempt at building from scratch.
  6. phitans

    Dakota Lakes Tackle Website Is "closed From Buisness"

    Jake said on Facebook that he is updating his website. Should be back soon.
  7. phitans

    Amelia Grace Lure Laboratory

    Custom painted lures. Let us help you beat the crowd and catch more fish!
  8. phitans


    It's called Helping Hands. I got it at Amazon
  9. phitans


    Lokks like some sort of Sucker? Nice paint job!
  10. phitans


    Thank you!
  11. phitans


    Painted baits from Amelia Grace lure Laboratory
  12. phitans


    painted bits from Amelia Grace Lure Laboratory.