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  6. Crawl crank

    I just like being different I guess. I was looking through my pictures earlier today and was shocked to see so many different patterns. Some that I forgot I painted. Lol Thanks again !!!!
  7. Crawl crank

  8. Overkill white dots

    Thanks! Red eyes all the way for me ! Maybe just a few slips through the cracks sometimes. Lol
  9. Color Shifting

    A 2.5 square bill crankbait painted with three different color shifting paint.
  10. Overkill white dots

    Got a little wild wth the dots. Lol
  11. Ripped

    Tried something different but I think I would have liked it better without the red. Lol
  12. FB_IMG_1517277474715.jpg

    Thanks everyone!
  13. FB_IMG_1516768183830.jpg

    Thanks !! Sometimes I get lucky. LOL
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