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  1. IMG 20140702 165353

    It does work well ,I have caught a lot of fish on this lure and others that I have made like it. Thanks for the comment !!!
  2. image.jpeg

  3. image.jpeg

  4. image.jpeg

  5. image.jpe

    Homemade version of a whopper plopper.
  6. image.jpeg

    Thanks Curt !!
  7. image.jpeg

    Thanks !! It has been a work in progress but the end results are worth it. Thank you for your kind comments it makes a man feel good to see other people that likes his work as much as he does. And always the red eyes !!! Lol. Thanks again !!
  8. image.jpeg

  9. image.jpeg

    A copper colored E Plop.
  10. image.jpeg

  11. image.jpeg

  12. image.jpeg

  13. image.jpeg

    A bright colored E Plop. Cedar wood body and resin tail.
  14. image.jpeg

    Lol ! That's awesome advice, I think I will use that it sounds a lot better than addiction. Thanks!
  15. image.jpeg

    Thanks Mark! Part of my addiction is trial and errors and finally figuring out the problem! Lol Of course there low points in that but it's worth it when it works the way you think it should and catch fish. Thanks!