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  1. Thanks!! I really liked how this one turned out as well.
  2. bigelures


    It is for bass, it is the 90 size. A muskie plopper is a 130 size normally.
  3. bigelures


    It is a blank I bought off eBay. Just type in plopper blanks and look for the ones with the round eyes they do not barrel roll like others do.
  4. bigelures


    A plopper with some crackle.
  5. This is a popper painted in the Hulk pattern. I used Createx paints and cleared with KBS. Thanks !!
  6. This is a Cyprus wood prop bait. It was painted with Folk Art color shifting paint. I used the crackle method to achieve the pattern. I cleared it with 2 layers of Envirotex lite epoxy. Thanks !!
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