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  1. Blank flap slap

    I noticed that and am interested to see how it will affect the action.
  2. Blank flap slap

    https://www.wlure.com/collections/blank-crankbait/products/fishing-lures-blank-crankbait-upc735?variant=37120096780 its this one. And it's exactly what I was looking for. It's the same weight and length as the flap slap. And has the same body so this will be extremely close to what I'm looking for. Hopefully it has similar action.
  3. Blank flap slap

    WLure has some blanks that are very similar to the shallow runner flap slaps
  4. Blank flap slap

    Yup that's what I was looking for!
  5. coffin bill shaker blades

    And for clarification I do believe zman should defend their patent but I don't think that just because some guy makes one for himself in his garage that works a little better than the original he should get in trouble. I know if I had a patent and people started mass producing my idea without giving me credit I would be pissed too.
  6. Blank flap slap

    Megabass has a bait called a flap slap. I'm seeing painted knockoffs on eBay now and I'm wondering on where they're coming from. Anyone?
  7. coffin bill shaker blades

    I've been doing what Mark does for a while here with the Phenix vibrating jigs. Ole California delta trick (wink wink) but I really wanna start pouring the heads myself. Zman had the right idea with the chatterbait but in the past years the quality of components has gotten worse from them. That's why I wanna make my own.
  8. coffin bill shaker blades

    thank you so much small jaw. I think it's ridiculous how aggressive Zman is with all of their patenting.
  9. coffin bill shaker blades

    It seems to make a bit of difference on the shake frequency for some reason. Thank you.
  10. coffin bill shaker blades

    I'm looking for coffin shaped shaker blades like the original vibrating jig uses. I've found sources from China, but they're sold out of the medium sized blades that are commonly used on the 1/4 oz size. these baits are for personal use.
  11. Tips on painting a deps?

    Thanks, stretcher
  12. Tips on painting a deps?

    I'm looking to repaint an OG deps but im not sure where to start because of that shell. Has anyone done this before that can help me?
  13. Resin Swim Baits.

    Make a harness in the mold for the easy stuff. Depending on what you want, you may need to do it after it has been cast.
  14. What Is This Bait!?

    Just bought another. Thanks
  15. What Is This Bait!?

    I can't figure out who makes it. It's balsa with this nice rounded circuit board lip.