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  1. If you are going to sell them, it costs like 100 bucks at the patent office for them to tell you if you will be infringing or not. Well worth it imo
  2. I didn't say Ken patented a wedge tail, he patented a "vortex tail" the baitsmith mag was canceled from production because they made a vortex tail. I commented that Huddleston has the tail patented because the refrence pictures are literally huddlestons and I know Ken doesn't mess around about people copying his tail. I think the reason rago, live target, and many smaller companies get away with it is because it's different enough. No one that is getting away with a wedge tail made it look like huddlestons.
  3. Just a reminder guys. Huddleston has that tail patented.
  4. Is it possible to make a jig mold out of rtv? Can you pour lead into rtv?
  5. I am going to stop reponding soon because this is rediculious.
  6. Saltshaker, I appoligise that you are mad and did not intend for this to happen. Your last listings were entirely differrent from mine and had no intent to "copy" you. No hard feelings.
  7. Saltshaker, I appoligise that you are mad and did not intend for this to happen. Your last listings were entirely differrent from mine and if your customers think I stole your identity
  8. I dont plan on making all my money on it when I am an adult but I think I will always make and sell them. It feels pretty good when people tell you how much they love your baits.
  9. Travis ik theres things like that. Dispite that people do it. All it is is starting a buisness. If you know how to do it and people buy the product it can be done. My dad started a plumbing buisness from nothing and hes been going like 14 years strong.
  10. The heat things a good point. Considering how much I am getting per bait I think I am going to switch over to predator and such. Now what about that friend secretly slaving at making blanks? Does he sell to the public?
  11. Theres costs in every buisness. I think it takes more guts then anything. If you have the guts to dive into it and devote yourself to it can be done.
  12. I dont know if I am going to purse it as a career yet. If you read the older posts I am 16 so all I need to pay for now if the cell phone bill and gas. My lures seem to be pretty popular on ebay. I am working on a big order of 19 baits right now. Everybody at my old job thought I was going to be broke... i am not making as much as I was but I am a lot happier. I am like 10000% sure making a living can be done and I honestly think everybody is just over thinking it. I will use Mepps spinners as an example. I only live 2 hours away from their hq and I took a tour if the place. All it is is alot of people making alot of lures. I might be way off but thats all we gotta do right? I understand theres costs in having a buisness but
  13. Update here. I quit my job at Fleet Farm to pursue my lures . I have been selling lures on ebay and to anybody else that wants them. Its going pretty damn great right now. I am making a decent amount and am happy. I evwn have one on there thats up to $21.56... a ko. Few days left on them. Life is good!
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