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  1. has anyone heard from Bob?

    nothing yet and he was suppose to be back 11 days ago
  2. has anyone heard from Bob?

    bTS or bobs tackleshack
  3. has anyone heard from Bob?

    i have contacted a lawyer in phoenix and am going to give him one last chance to contact me before I file a law suit, although it will take a little time he is going to have to come up with the legal fees as well. hope he comes good before this has to happen as I really need the molds I ordered
  4. has anyone heard from Bob?

    having a problem with BTS, paid $4500 US for molds on December 8th 2016 that were suppose to be 3-4 weeks for delivery, contacted Bob in early january still hadnt started them, contacted him jan 28th 2017 still nothing and now have been trying to contact him since January 28th with no response phoning everyday and emailing 3 times a week with no response and still no molds. does anyone know where bob is? is he in hospital or something? starting to get worried and 2 other guys having the same problem according to his facebook page
  5. 2 x 6 3/4 ccm tube mold

    Hi I have 2 x 6 3/4 tube molds. I have 1 spline and 2 inserts that come with it 200 "retail". I will sell for 150 but would prefer a trade for 4" ccm twin tails grub, BT sticks 4,5,6" , bears 6" c-tail worms, 5.5 " gator tail worms or anything else interesting you might have send me a PM