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  1. JBarlow

    weedguard glue

    I always recommend Gel Super Glue.
  2. We did a special order for them but we decided not to re-order. I do not now if Eagle Claw still making them. As for comparing them to the 32786 they really do not compare. The 32786 is a 60 degree hook and the 635 is a 90 degree hook so the are usually not interchangeable. Jon Barlow
  3. I figured he was molding them that way so he could get the blade arm of the wire farther out from the mold without bending it. I have done that from time to time when I wanted to set the hook further down in the mold so it sticks out more.
  4. Your options are limited. That is the old style of mold so you will probably be best to dremel out a slot for the hook point to fit in the mold. Either that or bend the wires. You can see how the newer molds have the aluminum removed so the hooks will fit.
  5. Maybe this will help out a little... These are ones I have tested and found the fit acceptable.
  6. JBarlow

    VMC 7147BN

    The VMC 7147 will fit in this mold.
  7. Be careful when using size charts. Not all companies use the same size charts. The blade manufacturers do not have a standard when it comes to sizing. A size 6 from one manufacturer may not be the same length as a size 6 from a different manufacturer or company.
  8. Try these... https://www.cncmolds.com/webstore/ http://www.pouritmold.com/
  9. To the best of my knowledge the patent on these blades expired a number of years ago. The blades I have in stock no longer carry a patent number.
  10. Buy the black nickel blades. Spike It will work but it too will wear off.
  11. I use the Ultra Minnow Spinner Bait mold. JB
  12. smalljaw, Were you not able to get it to fit at all or were you just not happy that it did not sit perfectly straight? The 604's I tried worked but theydid not sit perfectly straight. I have to admit that it was a very tight fit but I would have said they work too. The VMC 7150 also fits in the mold but you have to use a 4/0 hook in all but the largest cavity where a 5/0 will fit. JB
  13. You really cannot use this in a fluid bed. It does not work right because of the different densities of the 2 types of paint in the blend. Because of the 2 different densities you also need to mix it well before every use or they will settle out. Best I can say is keep trying. It is a very picky paint that takes lots of practice.
  14. Have you tried warming the mold and hook as well?
  15. Colorant comes in opaque and transparent. You use the opaque colorant. Look on the retailers web site for a color chart. You should be able to tell which are opaque and which are transparent by the color chart.
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