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  1. Reciepe for alantic mackeral
  2. My bad if i posted in the wrong forum. Its been a min sinve ive been on here
  3. That could work to. To be say ill order the groud and amber lol
  4. Thanks dang i have no groud guess ill buy some thanks
  5. need color for keitech pro staff special
  6. Hanapa'a

    6in frogs

    Anyone make them thanks
  7. I also got the email n ordered more molds lol
  8. Hanapa'a

    DelMart fluke cnc mold

    Round back sf 5" 4 cavity
  9. To small for them calico bass lol
  10. 6-7" frogs for some reason I wana throw them in saltwater for calicos bass
  11. I just saw it on his post but it wasn't there months ago, any speedy recovery
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