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  1. ranger461vs

    Japanese Lure Making

    I got it wow that was awesome it supported things I have been doing thanks for posting gave me Some ideas .
  2. ranger461vs

    Japanese Lure Making

    The page is blank after here it is don't know why I can't see it want to. Thanks for trying
  3. ranger461vs

    Japanese Lure Making

    Would love to see it I see no link on post
  4. ranger461vs

    What Hooks

    My buddy and I went to get a price on some hooks from Shorty's after giving them the tax id number and the price was higher than ordering from the caption. You pay another tax around10% which made it higher when it was said and done. We are checking with them of threads a mistake.
  5. ranger461vs

    Paasche Talon ? Good Or Not So Good

    I have the talon 3 and love it. I would recommend you thin the paint it sprays much easier. I keep a book with my color formulas I like to mix and add a few drops of water to the paint in the gun and stir before I spray. It works for me any way.
  6. ranger461vs

    Moisture Cured Urethane

    Wow thanks buys for all the comments. To answer some questions the cranks are plastic, and yes I have been dunking them in miracle glaze mcu. I did heat set them andcoated them.when I coated them I hung them to dry. I did only do one coat do they need a second?
  7. ranger461vs

    Moisture Cured Urethane

    Hi I'm new to this site and lure making. I have been air brushing some blank crank baits and went to seal them and used moisture cured urethane. The finish looked great except for a series of small fine bubbles running down the back. Does anyone have a solution to this problem our seen it happening their lures also.