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  1. I posted about this in a different topic, if you have bent needles this straightens them, has good reviews. https://1033e661-0007-11e6-8e92-14feb5d39fb2.onlinestore.godaddy.com/products/sharpenair-needle-sharpener
  2. Anybody that has multiple airbrushes probably has multiple bent fluid needles. Came across this tool on a FB group I’m in. https://1033e661-0007-11e6-8e92-14feb5d39fb2.onlinestore.godaddy.com/products/sharpenair-needle-sharpener
  3. Checkout Greg Vinall on Youtube, he has some good info. I got a pdf on crankbaits lips from him, can't figure how to copy to here. I open his template of the lip i want, zoom to out on one and screen capture it, copy it into a word processor. I resize to the size i want then duplicating it to fill up the page making my own template. then print it out, cut out what i want and tack glue it to the lexan (its protective cover) and cut it out on my bandsaw and sand the edges, then wipe the edges with acetone. Here's a copy of an original. He offered these for anyone to use.
  4. These are well made stencils, they have a list for what lures to use. Lure me in custom crankbaits on youtube uses them. http://www.lurecolourstudio.com/3d-printed-stencils/
  5. I bought a bottle of this recently from Amazon but haven't tried it yet. Ultimate Mirror Chrome Airbrush Paint 2 oz. from Spaz Stix
  6. I've got a couple quarts of Solarez, to me it has a tendency to crack like an eggshell. I now use it as a base coat only the times i don't use D2T. Just watched a youtube video, the guy used this non yellowing epoxy for a top coat. http://www.artresin.com
  7. Nice little how-to from Iwata webpage. http://www.iwata-medea.com/resources/how-to-articles/technique/how-to-a-gritty-angle-on-stipple/
  8. SLT785

    Print Program

    If you don't have MS package, you might try http://www.openoffice.org . Been using it for years and it's free.
  9. SLT785

    Chrome Paint

  10. Check this paint. http://www.spazstix.com
  11. You might take a look at some airbrush stencils such as this one: http://www.iwata-medea.com/artool-series/texture-fx/
  12. I'm sure it could be done by a lot more talented airbrush user than me. Wondering about an idea from other threads here, taking an image of a spawn sac and printing it on decal paper.
  13. Found some info here on the process, sounds expensive. http://www.finishing.com/384/48.shtml . There are some good chrome paints out on the market that might work for you.
  14. Might try here, they advertise as big as 11mm. http://www.predatorbassbaits.com/site/mobile?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.predatorbassbaits.com%2Fid81.html#2759
  15. SLT785

    My favorite to paint

    Well done. Really good job.
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