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  1. Modifying a do-it mold

    Actually it's not really a mod it's making it like the version I should have bought. I bought the do-it Shad jigging spoon with out the top hook hanger, so I am at the point where I want to make the mold I have look like this one. I do have the bigger version of this mold and the insert slot is just cut into one side , it's hard to judge from the picture but I think the same may be true for the smaller since the insert wires are a much lighter stainless steel vs brass. Also what sort of dremel head to do this job. Part of me is wondering about putting a router bit into my drill press and slowly cutting a flat bottomed hole. At this point I am open to suggestions.
  2. big lure holder?

    I got these from a online course from Greg Vynal they work like a charm I mount them up and don't actually touch them again until after clear coat. The trick to them is buried in the handle , there is another bolt but with a spacer 1/4 the way to the clamp end between the bars to build in a gap for the clamp end. The clamp assembly is then glued into the PVC. Though I would say for big lures use steel vs the aluminum I used. You will get more clamp pressure. Just for reference these were a prairie boys attempt at saltwater poppers for a Mexico vacation 6" some were as heavy as 3.5oz
  3. Soft bait for pike?

    Something that just hit my radar is a chatter bait (bladed jig). the flash/thump from the blade and a big soft plastic trailer should be a winner I will give them a try this ice season I think I would use a smelt trailer vs soft plastic. Typically as a pike guy you get use to ignoring bass gear so that is my excuse for coming late to this party.
  4. Basecoat rattle cans??

    For me one downside to rattle can primer is it seems to be easier to over wet and run the first layer of color coat. has anyone else noticed that?
  5. ABEST - Airbrush + Compressor - Bad Idea?

    Generally I am the guy getting into a hobby with the minimal outlay and for the most part you can get by , yes if you were a pro you would buy the 2000$ table saw but you would be surprised what a homer you can do with a bench top built into a table. But an airbrush is one of those things that getting something good pays off, it can be frustrating enough without throwing cheap into the mix.
  6. Striper jigs

    Look up John Skinner Fishing on youtube he has lots of stuff for stripers, And a book on bucktails I am a land locked fisherman 4000 miles from the US north East and I still like to watch his channel
  7. Powder coating jigging spoons

    That is on the to do list I also have heat transfer vinyl.
  8. Powder coating jigging spoons

    Here is what the chrome powder looks like.
  9. Chrome powder paint

  10. Powder coating jigging spoons

    Reasonably shiny with the powder I have, but that was the first color I tried and it was on bare lead, so I think there is room for improvement. from a procedure point of view. Eastwood Chrome powder looks very interesting. I stuck my nose in on Cadman's site and I guess I will have to add a pound of clear to the list , I know there are some multi color pearl powders that should work great .
  11. Powder coating jigging spoons

    Thanks I will, I do have the "shipping to Canada" complication but powder should not be an issue. I am thinking that I will only really need big volumes of white , chrome and maybe black. The idea is that I would do a base coat, then a highlight or powder, tape or the vinyl
  12. Powder coating jigging spoons

    For a fun of it I got a sample pack of heat transfer vinyl though I think I would still like some sort of undercoat even with those.
  13. Powder coating jigging spoons

    Up till now I had not had lots of luck with a fluid bed , and until I found the automotive powder suppliers filling a tall fluid bed was out of the question cost wise.
  14. Powder coating jigging spoons

    How hot do you get the spoons before you air brush them.
  15. Powder coating jigging spoons

    The smallest is 3/4" long, the longest 4.5", but the big ones are for the odd times I make it to salt water. I would be decently please developing a system for 3/4 to 3" my more normal sizes.