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  1. Now that it's warmer I just open the garage door , but for me the problem is winter, it's hard enough getting it warm to begin with, so I am reluctant to vent all my warm air to the outside. I think for next winter I will set up a vent hood but rather than vent to outside I will run it though a carbon filter. it should filter out any sort of volatile organic. I'll probably run a face mask to at least during the winter
  2. I didn't vote for him either i don't even think he fishes, so really how can you trust him.
  3. Yes the volatile paints are still an issue, I have not tried to get any in a while. Regular pigments use to be the same, I think the issue was at the time was the packaging was not certified to survive going to altitude (or at least that was the excuse they gave). When it comes to regulatory stuff it's a moving target so it pays to ask the question every once in a while just in case the answer changes. Or at some point i'll just get the paint shipped to my sister in Iowa and have her bring it up when she comes to visit our folks. Alumilite plastisol is OK, i have been through a couple of gallons of the stuff, it did hold up well for big pike swimbaits , would have to try it again to do a proper Alumisol vs Dead on, my skills with plastic have improved a fair bit in the last months. DDL what sort of baits are you making
  4. After going through my first 5 gallons of Dead-on , I won't be switching any time soon. I find it a decent value and I like working with the plastic. We will see how it handles the inside of a pike's mouth we will see in the next few weeks.
  5. Yes, Alberta Mind you what Canada Post ships could be the issue, my cross border stuff was handled by UPS. I did by some from Canadian Vendors I forget off hand how they were shipped , One place ended up being close to 100$/Gallon the other was more reasonable but it was the do-it plastic so mehl.
  6. Must be a Quebec thing, I have had gotten 15 gallons over 2 shipments in the last couple of months, I am assuming that the manifests were at least given a digital inspection for general legalities and such. I did pay a stupid amount for the chance to get it over the border after all (it added 25% to the total bill this last time).
  7. Does that price include shipping? I Just got a 5 gallon of dead on IIRC $ 250 CAD total (plastic + shipping + Duty/Brokerage.)
  8. I am Canadian so I understand at least a bit of what you are going thru , but someone here told me to contact companies directly and you may end up getting a better deal on shipping. Baitplastic is an great example , if you go to their web site they don't even ship out of the US. But I was able to get bags a vacuum chamber and an awesome injector with a couple of e-mails and a paypal invoice.
  9. At this point I have tried 3 types Alumisol do-it and dead on. I hate the do-it, it burn easy and fumes really bad. Alumisol is OK , I would like another try at using the plastic now that my technique is better. I just got some dead on and it's awesome accidentally got it up to 425 and the plastic took it. Just started to use a degassing chamber this weekend it does make a difference, I tried degassing the dead on right out of the bucket but hardly anything came out, but after heating and mixing in the pigment and such we hit it again and lots of bubbles came up. Re-heats were always loaded with air. The bulk of what I make is for pike big swimbaits I like the plastic on the tougher side, Alumisol right out of the jug was good the regular Do-It was too soft and I have not thrown any of the Dead on Plastic yet but the tube/craw seems about the same as alumisol out of the jug but maybe a bit stiffer. And just as an FYI the Do-it 6" paddle tail is a great lure the pike go nuts for them , the mold does need a sprue extender but I would recommend a look when you jump to injection.
  10. aulrich


    I have the do-it injectors and they are OK, but just yesterday I go the 8oz locking injector from BaitPlastic , it's build like a brick outhouse compared to the do-it injectors.
  11. I have to admit, I chickened out and I just bought a locking injector and 8oz from baitplastic. That will at least help speed up the single color injection. It sure is built like a beast.
  12. aulrich

    POP & PLA

    I think as long as the shape is (and i am digging back into engineering education 30 years ago) "self releasing" and you have the parting line dead center you should be OK. I suspect making a POP mold is a lot like making a green sand mold. Now if you could print that shape in a flexible filament you would have a bit of wiggle room. Depending on the prints orientation, the layer lines maybe the fly in the ointment. I am thinking a coat or two of high gloss finish but a really thin type of finish should help smooth the layer lines. just about any mold release should work after that.
  13. That looks interesting, do two work for dual injection?
  14. Hillbilly try looking for "industrial paint and plastics" they carry smooth-on and I have seen micro balloons at their Calgary store. And as an FYI my Niece go her laser cutter I will get to play with it on the weekend and see if I can finally cut a clean lure lip.
  15. I just have one presto pot at this point, but it looks like they will fit over and to the bottom. I had to raise the cross bar nearly to the top.but it looks like a go. The one presto pot the boy found in a flea market has pretty straight side walls I am assuming the form factor has not changes much
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