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  1. aulrich

    Who makes and fishes jigging spoons?

    I have the two sizes of Shad so .75 oz to 6 oz , the small sizes of flutter jig and the 1.5/2 oz Diamond jig .
  2. aulrich

    Glow in the dark??

    I just use plain old rustoleum rattle can glow
  3. aulrich

    Slow Pitch Jigging Lures

    The do-it flutter jig probably comes closest with sizes up to 9oz, and a number of other jigging spoons the go up to 6oz.
  4. aulrich

    New foil and nail art pics in gallery

    Nice lures, I have been falling in love with Nail Arting lures, it's a bit of a pain but they do look good. I just got back from Vacation and I need to look mine over, I think I had some de-lamination. One thin is I was also trying to get away with just one top coat of e-tex but I think the pike are saying no.
  5. aulrich

    Unpainted Wally Divers?

    I revisited the shelt site they have a 3" deep diver now, I might have to buy 20-30 just to see.
  6. aulrich

    Unpainted Wally Divers?

    Shelts has a 5" reef runner like bait, which is a bit big for a lot of walleye fishing. They work great for digging big pike out of deep summer spots :).
  7. aulrich

    Spraying powder paint!

    Lots of projects this spring, so I am a little behind. I always have e-tex and I expect it to be good but the standard epoxy sort of annoying. KBS is a possibility, I have never used it but since the painted jigs I am making are more trout/salmon not pike/walleye impact and flex resistance is more important than tooth abrasion resistance. Two brush coats should be nice and easy. The dark horse in this is powder clear, supposedly createx type paints can take 350 f the clear I have can cross link at 325 f I have a lake trout derby beginning of August so I have a deadline for getting this done
  8. aulrich

    Musky Lure

    Or you don't go internal at all, lots of the European pike fisherman run external and just to do the math the lure he is rigging is just about 16" so it's muskie sized
  9. aulrich

    Spraying powder paint!

    I have a badger powder paint "Airbrush" no real control. At this point I am going with a base coat of flat white powder, acrylic airbrushing, then a top coat of some kind
  10. aulrich

    Another Newbie

    At this point the surface finish does not seem to be an issue but 80% of what I throw is flo yellow , flo orange, white or glow so shiny smooth is of no real value to me. At least with a 49$ CAD dollar mold it is less painful if you don't end up liking the shape. A trap I fell into is to make way to many colors at first and I ended up with a whole bunch of baits where the plastic was wrong. Pick a couple go to colors and shoot a few but play with the hardness find what you like then go to town with color.
  11. aulrich

    Another Newbie

    A good starting point is the Do-it Essential series , I have 4 to date and if there is a shape in that set that you like they are a safe bet and economical too
  12. Under the Wire Bait category and under this forum, search out nail transfer foil or heat transfer foil , I use nail transfer foil.
  13. aulrich

    Bulk powder paint

    I just got some from a Canadian supplier called "Emerald Coatings" a quick test showed it will work in the fluid bed. One thing I noticed on the web site is they gave what I think is the Specific Gravity of the powder. Has anyone noticed this and tried to connect SG value and a paint that is a PIA to work with in a typical aquarium pump fluid bed. Even as a baseline does anyone know what the value might be for the pro-tech paint , I did do a quick google and could not find any numbers
  14. aulrich

    Mixing pearls with Intercoat

    You can shoot most pearls with regular air brush medium or even reduced pledge unless you are using an automotive air brush or something else with a larger capacity, the smallest flake I have seen is .004" and that won't shoot through my Iwata. if I am using flake I just put it in the e-tex top coat.
  15. aulrich

    Air brushing on powder , I think I have a plan

    I had been thinking about that, I had also been thinking about sacrificing the lousy powder to the idea of reverse engineering it. My guess is that it's just regular air brush medium or a reducer and some sort of wetting agent. I got the flat white and clear coat last week the white fluidizes well so I should be good to go. There are plenty of ideas for the clear coat, UV, Glow, glitter and pearl powder