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  1. A DIY water jet might be an option. That said I have a niece who is getting a laser cutter (not a hobbie version) she is planning on trading me access for help getting it setup and learning how to use it. i'll let you know how it works. And much to my embarrassment I have yet to try a 3d printed lip
  2. I have that mold coming home next week so I will be able to take a look
  3. or truly old school and cheap Coping saw https://www.amazon.ca/Olson-Saw-SF63510-Coping-Delude/dp/B001NI8N2K/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2237JJSVLBLYH&keywords=coping+saw&qid=1562692948&s=gateway&sprefix=coping+saw%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-2 Though my recommendation would be band saw and a coping saw. in general a band saw is a more useful tool, but they suck with lexan (at least with the blades I have)
  4. Just a dual injector, the mold is just one cavity, the bait is horizontal at a right angle to the sprue and belly up.. When we shot it the blending block was parallel with the bait with the dark color to the outside of the sprue. Here is a picture of the mold just for reference. https://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiB49qA54fjAhVIwcQHHTNxDegQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2F96021-New-Do-It-Essential-Series-6-Paddle-Tail-Soft-Plastic-Injection-Mold-%2F112603177963&psig=AOvVaw0VykdLDFdbZ3kc2diwNNBm&ust=1561661060709803 The shape itself is absolute pike candy.
  5. So the new Dual injector showed up and yes it had to be tried. I though I only had one mold that would do a laminate correctly, but since the ES 6" paddletail is one of our favorites we had to try. The initial guess was that since the plastic has to turn a corner we though the best we would get is swirl, needless to say we were surprised when we cracked the mold. There is still work to do on the color , the goal was baby walleye this iteration is probably a half decent baby bass The other thing is my 25 year old microwave just does not have the juice for 2 cups of plastic , so it needs to be replaced, what sort of wattage should I be looking for.
  6. The type of rig seems to make a difference we have come to like the do-it ES 6" shad with a screw nose and external wire rig regular alumisol actually lasts pretty good 10 is fish or better, but it is pretty chewed up, but anything with an internal rigging can be done in one if you are unlucky.
  7. What is the action like with the super tough plastics, I do pike sized baits. would it work in smaller baits
  8. Heard back from one so far, it's not cheap but reasonable. it goes to show it pays to contact a real person sometimes.
  9. I am out west and maybe that makes a difference but One site I tested wanted the better part of 300$ for shipping for 1 5 gallon pail.
  10. In that volume the shipping cost/gallon is minimal. and there would not be a problem, at personal use level the shipping nearly doubles the cost of the resin . In general for personal use tagging onto the store order up until this order had worked great this one has just gone sideways. (the fist attempt there was some sort of new regulatory chemical ban so the whole shipment was turned back, the next was no french labels). A son of mine has dreams of during semi-pro :) so eventually we will need to figure out how to get larger volumes. Right now we are in learning / development mode so we just need reliable and not too expensive.
  11. So I have been having trouble getting plastisol from my usual supplier has had trouble getting plastic across the border (the standard Canadian problem) and to get me over the hump I have to break down and get do-it plastic I have plenty of heat stabilizer and softener but it is the alumilite version can I get away with mixing and matching brands.
  12. Thanks i'll give that a try
  13. Over the weekend I had a plastisol container get punctured and before I noticed I had a bit of a puddle on the concrete floor in the garage. I did wipe it up and scrub with solvent but what would be the proper way to clean it up I would preffer not to leave a "grease spot"
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