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  1. Laminate color combinations

    No I plan to shoot the laminate as if I have a laminate plate. The plastic flows on both sides of the foil and you end up with two usable half’s i will post a link to the process when I get to a computer
  2. Laminate color combinations

    So I have a do-it ES Jerkbait on the way, and I would like laminates, I don't think there was a laminate plate for it and if there was the 3" grub mold pushed it off of the toy order :). One method I did find was to put some foil between the mold halfs and after you shoot you have a bait split in half. But I am too lazy to shoot a bait throw out /recycle half, I would rather shoot a split bait and use both halfs in different combinations. So something like this, shoot a split flo yellow laminate the bottom with purple and the top with clear flake. So any other combinations?
  3. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    For me they have a very specific use for either deep water lakers, walleye or night time burbot . How much dark water does a bass fisherman see and does muddy count as dark water.
  4. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    Just to report back I used 1tsp to one cup of plastic, and it turned out just fine. That is. 30 second charge from basement led fixture
  5. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    So I played a bit, I had some white powder coated jigs and I mixed up some e-Tex and the glow powder. If work but I should have used the 1 part, 1 part and 1 part powder that smooth on recommend. There was not enough thickness to have an over all glow. But they will work. I also put some on a rattle bait I had on the spinner, base color does seem to matter. its too cold to work in the garage with the door open, so once it warms up I will shoot some soft plastic
  6. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    True enough, but I am always looking for a legal way to reduce the size of the bullet. I dug up the Glow Worm MSDS it's the strontium/aluminum glow powder so it's the high end stuff
  7. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    Smooth on claims hours of glow, and I did not smell sulfur, so we will see. The only spike it stuff I can find is worm dye which is not flexible enough ,so if you can post a Canadian source of glow powder at that price that would be awesome. Yes I wish NAFTA worked better for the individual and happily the corethe core issue to this problem happily is on the table in this round of NAFTA talks, but I expect Our Liberal Overlords will not let it be changed. Basically anything over 20$ I have to pay duty on so that means it has to go through a broker at the border to collect that duty and the brokerage fee tends to be no less than 20$. The government won't want to change it because they claim to be protecting Canadian retailers. I think the basic exception for an American is something like 500$-800$ before you start to pay duty IIRC a nozzle for my IWATA air brush started at 15$usd ended up as 75$CAD by the time I got it and that was just by mail. It's little purchases where it really hurts, exchange shipping, brokerage add up quick.
  8. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    The eternal problem for me is getting stuff north of the border without doubling the price. Was just tickled to get access to the powder, and at least from what I have seen it’s a good product. And as a powder I can try and use it in different contexts. I guess there is no real replacement for experimentation , I guess I can warm up a cup of plastic and add ¼ tsp at a time and stop when it get to nuclear like glow. Then eventually I will add it to generic clear powder I found a Canadian automotive powder paint supplier so at least the experiment won't be too expensive if it fails.
  9. Smooth-on Glow worm powder

    So for the first time since I have been making lures the store where I get my epoxy supplies actually had smooth-on glow worm powder. 6 OZ for $54cad was too good to pass by considering from my lure parts supply place is 30 for 1 OZ. So I guess I have a couple of questions Has anyone use the glow worm product in soft plastics With typical glow powder how much would you use in the standard 1 cup of plastic The powder glows yellow/green most of the glow plastics I have seen are white ish . According to smooth-on they recommend tinting (for epoxy applications) to a similar color. What do folks typically do And just as a note we charged up the powder it glowed so bright you could see light through the lid.
  10. Spoons for vertical jigging/ice fishing

    How light, do-it has a mold called the flutter jig though it only goes down to 1/4 oz but if you poured it in tin it would be 30% lighter. The coin in the picture is a Canadian Dollar so call it an inch or so.
  11. Bug profiled soft plastics

    I think I will use this to make my first attempt at a DIY injection mold. The current plan is to pull out the fly vice and rather than build the fly on a hook I will build it on 1/16 tig wire. For this version I will use the same wire for the legs and forked tail probably a bit heavy but it should work for this try. But basically I will tie a basic stonefly and then give it a coat or to of clear coat and a trip on the spinner. I will probably spring for silicon rather than Durham’s putty The end goal is to match the tail up with a 1/16 or 1/8 oz jig and bounce it along the bottom of a local river
  12. modified swim bait mold

    Is the mod to make the head more useful as a chaterbaid head?
  13. Bug profiled soft plastics

    I like that mold,I never thought about just pinching legs
  14. Bug profiled soft plastics

    And do-it has a 2" mayfly mold that is interesting as well. but yes all small, I have been stewing over how to make one all after noon.
  15. Bug profiled soft plastics

    So that Ukrainian mold site put a bug in my ear. has anyone made a mold representing a stone fly. the river i live near has some large ones. I was thinking somewhere in the 3 inch range