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  1. Is the spout only for draining the pot or are you filling injectors/top fill molds with the spouts?
  2. If you are going to base coat with resin and then paint over so the pearl does not show through you may as well just use basic white epoxy tint. And here is the kicker I think most folks are using runny CA glue to seal now. But that said Jacquard pearls are very useful, if they only had some florescent colors
  3. Maybe I am using the wrong term but I was envisioning using a rod to create a cavity in the plastic to shoot the second color through. so shoot the body color with the rods in the bait pull the rods out of the baits trim the body so the the hole runs through the full lenght. replace bodies back into the mold. shoot the contrasting color.the plastic goes through the hole in the first color and fills in the tail.
  4. What about doing a coreshot that should give you a pretty cool effect with that mold.
  5. I sucked at top pouring, I have a number of the essential series molds, they do make good baits and are cheap enough to have a couple. Mind you guys can do some stuff with top pour
  6. For home use, plastic is a reasonably low cost consumable a gallon goes a long way (OK after you get past the newbie tendency to make 50 of each color). Glitters, colorants and molds will eat money in job lots But runners do make sense where you can't ship liquids I get managing the budget but there are times when spending the money will make the hobby more enjoyable. Odd things happen to plastic, glitter and colors after it's been heated once or twice. Fresh plastic is more dependable in how it reacts so you get better results than from re-melt.
  7. Once life gets back to normal, I will finally take a tour of the Len Thompson factory I would love to see how the pros do it.
  8. So rather that asking the question how do you rig a big swim bait i'll post my answer and with luck folks will rip it to shreds , Rip Away So for a while I have been shooting and fishing with the do-it 6" paddle tail. The bait is awesome but rigging has been a bit of an issue. The picture show what we have cone up with short of one improvement. we fount that attaching the wire to the lead is best done with a split ring, one reason is the steel wire will eventually get too kinked and that little drop seems to keep the wire out of the way of the action. the fish shot shows why I like
  9. I was thinking about doing this, but now it's pretty much off of the table. I find the surface finish only turns off fishermen and not fish in the water the baits look and catch great.
  10. One of my experiments (from my way to long todo list) is to use flat white powder paint as a primer then paint over top then either a clear powder or MCU as a top coat. I tried self etching primer and regular paint but that failed (user or system failure IDK)
  11. OK a this point I lube once a session, looks like I should increase that. I have gotten into pre-heating , the powder paint toaster oven is awesome for that.
  12. They bind a bit in dual mode, but by themselves they are OK , but thinking back I am not sure they have ever drawn up cleanly, when compared to my newer bait plastics injector. I am guessing just about any hi temp o-ring should work, does anyone have the actual spec's Temps are about 320.
  13. Yes , o-rings are certainly on the hit list. Temp control ... we will see what I can do
  14. So I finally got a second presto pot and after a couple of single color runs i tried to do a laminate. Well I got my butt kicked. Temp control is a problem more specifically matching I guess a PID is in my future. But the more basic one is that my do-it injectors just can't seem to reliably draw up plastic. I did freshly clean and oil them but for the life of me I could not get them properly draw up plastic. Any tips? recommendation for a better dual injector
  15. Now that it's warmer I just open the garage door , but for me the problem is winter, it's hard enough getting it warm to begin with, so I am reluctant to vent all my warm air to the outside. I think for next winter I will set up a vent hood but rather than vent to outside I will run it though a carbon filter. it should filter out any sort of volatile organic. I'll probably run a face mask to at least during the winter
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