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  1. Powder coating jigging spoons

    How hot do you get the spoons before you air brush them.
  2. Powder coating jigging spoons

    The smallest is 3/4" long, the longest 4.5", but the big ones are for the odd times I make it to salt water. I would be decently please developing a system for 3/4 to 3" my more normal sizes.
  3. Powder coating jigging spoons

    I am starting to play with powder coating jigging spoons , I am having difficulty getting a smooth consistent coverage. I think in general a fluid bed might be out of the question just because of the size. The lure are fairly long. The closest I have been able to get is doing this. Heat a batch (4-5) to 150 Using a dry paint brush tap paint onto the jig Hang and bake as a batch I am guessing the standard rule 2 light coats are better than one heavy, if so how do you deal with multiple coats. I have a powder airbrush (once I get a converter so I can attach it to the compressor) should I have the jigs hot enough that the pain starts to melt on contact. For reference I am powder coating the do-it flutter jig ¼-1, shad ¾-1.5 , 4 oz and 6 oz shad
  4. Archimedes Dunk Test

    Another variant on that method (credit Hand Made Fisherman). make a container with a long spout. 1. fill it with water until the water spills out the spout. 2. dip the lure and capture the over spill in a previously weighed small container 3. determine the weight of the displaced water .
  5. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    Automotive paint suppliers have pearl powders, glitters to.
  6. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    Aren't eye shadows mica powders?, if it helps I source my pearl powders from a local art store
  7. Matte Powder Paint

    Possibly an automotive supplier like Eastwood, but I have not looked
  8. fluorescent?

    Maybe it's because I fish for pike, because I almost never have to worry about a good lure lasting long enough to fade, it's either lost or chewed to bits.
  9. UV enhanced paints ??

    I have just been playing with uv blast for soft plastic mixed in with my e-tex top coat. The initial results seem good.
  10. Uv and glow additave

    What about putting the glow/UV and dipping the bait in a top coat of clear
  11. Soft bait for pike?

    I don’t use plastics for pike much, mostly due to a baits getting destroyed in as little as one fish (little pike, sub 24” are the worst). But they do work and work well, a commercial lure I like are the storm wildeye pike or perch. But I will probably be expanding my use over the next year, specifically to get some pike sized weedless presentations, I am starting to fish lakes that have more junk in them than I am use too. I bought a couple of premade molds from LPO IIRC the 5” swimbait and a 4” paddle tail but that was a few years ago but anything with a decently thick profile should work. I might add a saltwater sized fluke for that weedless idea. In most of the water I fish in, wire leaders are best, I have come to really like titanium I have gotten a full season out of one and it will likely go another, where as steel I can hardly go a day without having one get kinked. In clearer water or under the ice 60# fluorocarbon is normal .
  12. trouble pouring jigging spoon

    As it turned out , the bigger jigs were only really useful for rockfish, the 1.5 OZ versions worked just fine for the wind, current and tides at least this year. I will go back someday jigging for salmon out of a kayak is a hoot. I do need to figure out powder coat , self etching primer, paint and topcoat does not last, but that is another thread. I'll need to learn about assist hooks rather than a plain treble.
  13. trouble pouring jigging spoon

    High temp Graphite lubricant, it went on like spray paint. It was the exact same stuff I had linked above. If I had to guess Drop out is just branded graphite lube, maybe it has finer partials and if I was casting bullets where a thousands of an inch or 3 is significant then I can see the point. But cheaper and easier to get hardware store wins over (for me), a cross border internet order, for jigs.
  14. trouble pouring jigging spoon

    Thought I would report back. I was able to get some 4oz poured, I did find some soft lead and mixed it in with what I had. I bought the graphite spray . I used the ladle I had but it only holds enough if I completely fill it, like scary full. Procedurally I poured with the tail down and finish horizontal. I think the graphite spray made all the difference I really like how thing pop out of the mold. and what is amazing is how durable the coating is it will last a couple of pouring sessions.
  15. Airbrushing Large Baits

    These are clamps I used , I got the plans for these and a lure rotator from plans I bought from a guy called Greg Viynal. the system works very well. Please ignore the bad turnings it was a learn as you go sort of thing. the lures were 6" and about 3.5 oz.