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  1. jonister

    Big name company’s topcoat

    See if your local auto shop will let you in on their clearcoat, or see if they will throw a few lures in on their next clearcoat run.
  2. jonister


    Is this one weighted or unweighted? Looks awesome!
  3. jonister

    Perfect D2T Finish??

    Make yourself a heat box! Or you can cure your paint with a heat gun in between coats.
  4. A easy adjustable balast I learned and used just yesterday is lead solder wire. Especially on your first few baits, get it initially where you want it and then cater to water temp, line material, hook weight, distribution, etc with the use of lead solder around the hook shanks. A smaller diameter solder shouldn't affect hook ups too bad. I just used this on a floater jerkbait to make it slow sink in cold water. Another plus is its cheaper than suspend dots. So many possibilities!
  5. Dave I think you just solved a problem of mine I was having some time ago! for some reason I never considered density of epoxy in my equations. As far as epoxy thickness and weight, on big baits it is still important, however starting with variables such as bill size and placement along with ballast weight and location will affect action more than topcoat. Topcoat should be last, so you should have more room to adjust it accordingly. There is lots of great stuff in the search function regarding size and bill shape. Generally larger the bait, larger the bill. Plus variables like depth goal and placement.
  6. jonister

    Deps slide swimmer clearcoat

    The rattle can clear has yet to set up on the bait. I'll try art resin and if that doesn't work I will have to figure something else out
  7. jonister

    Deps slide swimmer clearcoat

    Hmm. Thanks for the info on clearcoating! I'll avoid the 2 part, maybe try it on a small area. The guy I'm painting it for had painted over it with rattle cans and that had lasted until I took it off with acetone. I might try the rattle can clear and see how it lasts. Hes a friend so I figure I can paint it again if it comes off.
  8. jonister

    Deps slide swimmer clearcoat

    @mark poulson it appears this bait had the paint on the outside and the foil on the inside. I just painted over it all as I didn't want to possibly screw up the bait getting the outside off. Thankyou for the videos! I have see both a few times plus some more. Neither go into detail on clearcoat.
  9. jonister

    Deps slide swimmer clearcoat

    I have accumulated one of these glides to repaint, and have ran into a few issues due to the soft outershell of the bait. It is as if a hard bait were slipped into a silicone or soft rubber sheath, however unlike plastisol. Initially I base coated with white krylon, which never cured in my heat box. The only remedy was to remove from the heat and cold cure. I lightly heat set my createx paint to try to avoid this. That worked well however now we are on to clear coating. My thoughts are either krylon clear or Art Resin. Art resin cures about as hard as E-tex. Would the Art Resin be too rigid, would the Krylon not hold up? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and Merry Christmas!
  10. jonister

    Copy Right

    Berkley, Strike King, Rapala, Luhr Jensen, Megabass.. May I keep going? I'd imagine it would be just like copywriting anything else. There are businesses that can assist in that.
  11. jonister

    Bagley monster shad

    Looks similar to a rapala shad rap. If you wanted to skip the through wire in the bill, you could secure the bill in at the base with a pin or screw. I have never had lips pull out on me like this, and it allows me to use a self tuning lip. I could see where strength might be compromised regarding musky however. Either way, lip before through wire might be difficult to achieve. Might try gluing both in at the same time to allow for perfect placement.
  12. jonister

    Preserving carving details

    Might try eurethane in a vacuum pot. Works for me, but it takes a little longer to cure.
  13. jonister

    Shine effect?

    Hughsey have you used it much? What's your experience with it? This "caught my eye" . . as something I might have to try. Curious especially on results.
  14. jonister


    I was using it as a topcoat at the time. As long as you keep them separate from your plastics all goes well. That does eliminate a lot of bait variables though.
  15. jonister


    Just thought I'd post about this. So around this time last year or so I was playing around with ac1315. Maybe later than that. I never liked it because i felt it didnt cure good. All those baits I painted got thrown in a tackle box and forgot about until the other day. Needless to say, they are all rock solid. I feel it's as solid as KBS, if not more. I dont know how long it took em, but if your like me and forget about it, you'll have some pretty solid baits in a year. Wishing I hadn't chucked the can now. Might require more playing around with now.