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  1. Duck season

    No problem! That's why I have so many. . I'm not the greatest tyer and have a bad imagination when it comes to that
  2. CAD and 3D printing

    Those are absolutely amazing! I would love to see that mold in action. As far as the bait I made goes.. it won't roll out on me when I run it but it has a super tight wiggle. A friend wants one now so I think I'll print another and possibly change a variable or two to make it more erratic. I'm thinking lip angle and tow eye position.
  3. Duck season

    Haha! I have some feathers now. Feel free to DM me if you would like any. They go good on most flies.
  4. Crawfish Cranks

    I do a lot of diving in the local lakes and rivers. Messing around in a local down town river I witnessed about a 3 lb smallie harass a crayfish for a while, paying no attention to me. I think the claws were his biggest concern. Eventually it was downed, but if I'm dropshotting a soft plastic, sometimes I will pinch the claws off on a tough bite.
  5. Duck season

    Yeah so far nothing has moved south. All our dumb birds got shot so now I'm waiting on more to fly south. Geese are here though! Lol.
  6. CAD and 3D printing

    It's a neat program. I actually transfer my item to a different program to format for printing. I will definitely give Meshmixer a look though. Sounds like it might be better for what I'm doing. Thanks!
  7. CAD and 3D printing

    Hughesy I am using KeyCreator student. Awesome free program if you are in highschool/college.
  8. CAD and 3D printing

    Man I wish I could get that detailed with what I've got. The few the school has will print support but nothing fancy. I might try a horizontal print next time but for now I'm working on ballast and such in that first blank.
  9. CAD and 3D printing

    Okay so I guess it's easier and more precise to change variables. Either way it's fun. Got a print out. Might add a bill next time. It turned out pretty sweet but had to sand the rear down a little. I printed it vertical. Might try horizontal next time.
  10. Sweet gum?

    Do what i do.. Get some good carving wood that is dried, then take all that other wood you want to try, and forget about it on a high shelf for the year. By the time your through with all that stuff you bought, your stuff will be really dry and you can have a go at that. Reading this post reminded me i have some red cedar i forgot on a shelf 3 years ago.. Also, a 10' board should last you quite some time, if you dry a bunch it will last you long enough to get more drying. Im a wood hoarder, im always adding new stuff.
  11. CAD and 3D printing

    This is sweet! i hope to figure out how you guys get that much detail in a lure. I guess just lots of time. Its like carving but on the computer. I take that back carving is easier and you cant accidentally erase the file.. Still have yet to print my lure. Hopefully tomorrow. Had to print stuff that is actually graded.
  12. CAD and 3D printing

    Oh that makes sense. That would work good if you were silicon molding it. it would be super easy to make molds if you got a perfect master.
  13. CAD and 3D printing

    Sorry guys ive been out of town and my phone wont post on here now for some reason. I didn't get the chance to make the print, hopefully Monday i will. @whitaker201 how did you get the printer to print around the eyes? That would be another fun thing to include, as well as a diving lip. Your model is very cool! I have considered the buoyancy of the lure and my first print will be the test to view that. If it does not float, i will have to create more air pockets in the lure to be printed around. This is going to be very cool!
  14. CAD and 3D printing

    Alright, i have made some monumental discoveries between a few cups of coffee.... here is what i have so far. This is absolutely incredibly amazing. I cant describe in words how excited i am to have figured this out. This allows total symmetry, as well as variables such as line tie position, ballast, bill angle, etc, etc, to be almost perfectly viewed without worrying about the variable of carving abilities. I currently have the ballast directly below the hinge point on the lip insert. That will be my first variable. Ill try to print this tomorrow and keep everyone posted on my results.
  15. CAD and 3D printing

    Ok so heres one for the guys that enjoy CAD and understand from a lure sense what i am trying to accomplish. Here attached is a snip of what i have working right now and its pretty much my first try at lures on CAD, Im still getting used to this. I am trying to blend or chamfer the curves to produce a less rough main shape. I do not want to be sanding a 3D printed bait.. You can see upper left especially how rough my blends are but i cant seem to find a way to blend in a less mechanically specific way. Just want it smooth. Its a pain. I might try printing bills as well if i can find the right material to print eventually, however this is what im starting with. Anyways, any help or tips would be wonderful as my class teacher is great with the program but doesn't understand fishing or lures one bit.. Ill probably post pictures in the gallery eventually if i get this to work. Ill probably be up till midnight working on this tonight.