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  1. fluorescent?

    From a science stand point. . "Rapid State of decay" is relative. Plus, technically, everything is in a state of decay. We however can not live long enough view things like petroleum products break down completely. So being relative... 20 years is "rapid" compared to 20 thousand. Like AnglinArcher pointed out, is will take years, not decades. Don't ask me any more on relativity though. I fell asleep through most of that class.
  2. Tuning baits before or after paint?

    I like to make sure my hack job, hair brained ideas work before I paint them and probably make them look worse than before. That being said with blanks you can probably just tune after paint. I guess if you tune it before hand you would he assuring it swims and isn't a dud though.
  3. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    Come to think of it you could even pin them in place. Just like a eye/pin hinge.
  4. New jointing method for Swimbaits?

    Oh dang those swivels are an awesome idea. It would be just like having a swivel on any lure.. eventually it will fail but I'd imagine it would take forever. your bait would probably be toast before the swivel broke. trust me those heavy ones are awesome. They work great for salmon and sturgeon. My 80# Dacron breaks before the bead chain will. I'd imagine they are stronger than the other bead chain posted as well.
  5. Chroming your baits

    I think unless your spraying automotive paint or setting up a electro coating process, the factory finish look can not be obtained. I'm not saying something else can't come close though!
  6. hardest clear

    Art resin. go with art resin. it goes on better, mixes better, won't burn easily from a torch, and most of all doesn't smell!
  7. hardest clear

    Polyurethane is cheaper I will say, however I always found it yellowed over time. Us fisherman can especially prolong that, leaving a bait on the boat all day or keeping it in the sun.. it also came off easily for me. If I was doing a high quantity, KBS would be my go to finish. I just never used it all before it went bad, so I have not bought any more. I have the same bottle of 2 part Art resin that I've had for a little under a year. My only problem there is I'm almost out. I like Solarez but I only use it on my own baits, or if a friend is super desperate. That also chips sometimes.
  8. Spinbait/spybait

    I was so PO'd when I lost my duo realis just days before everywhere sold out. I'm going back with diving gear.. but until then this was a fun build. Caught a dink on it too.
  9. Duck season

    I found it is legal in Oregon since they are are being used for flies. Sweet. Now for the season to start.. I'm ready. .
  10. Duck season

    OK. I'll contact you guys when I shoot birds.. I like a trade. So wings or a bag or wings in a bag? Would you like your wings fried or baked? Can I give them away though legally?
  11. Duck season

    OK so I've got people interested! I keep mainly the feather tips, on teal and mallards and such, with the pretty colors. Belly feathers too. Pretty much anything. I can fill a bag up with one duck. I don't know the specific names but pretty much what looks pretty. Sometimes I just cut the whole wing off and borax it but that makes it a pita to pluck them off when I need them. I freeze all feathers to kill the mites and such.
  12. Duck season

    Sitting in line at a coffee stand at 4:30 am, I realized its getting very close to duck season. Thinking back to the last few seasons, I got a lifetime supply of duck feathers for tying. I know it's legal for me to keep them for personal use, but is it legal to give them away? I was thinking I could ship them to members interested. I just hate throwing stuff that could be used away. I believe different state laws occur as this has been talked about before. Thoughts? I don't remember if we came to a conclusion last time.
  13. Wire Size for line tie

    Update.. I make a screw eye out of the brass wire and secured it down. I pulled on it with a scale until the scale maxed out at 55 lbs. I kept going and all it did was deform until it broke off where I secured it. I think it will hold up to bass just fine. I'd imagine the balsa bait would break in half before the through wire breaks.
  14. Wire Size for line tie

    I completely agree. I have some soft temper stainless but it's a little big for bass. I'm going to try it on saltwater stuff though. I think I'll do a weight strength test on the brass. I figure I'd probably break the line before I break the wire. The wire States it has a 10 lb breaking strength. I'll see how true that holds. I couldn't break the stainless for the life of me though. Just deformed it. The reason I got the small brass is because ace hardware didn't have any smaller stainless. I usually just use hard Malin wire.
  15. Wire Size for line tie

    Is this what you guys mean by brass? It doesn't feel super strong but it's not brittle. I can break a tow eye with pliers..