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  1. 3d crankbait

    If I can open the file I'll see if I can print that Tuesday when I'm in class. It looks awesome!
  2. fusion 360 3d crankbait model

    Print that uuuup!! Are you going to print the bill or install it by hand?
  3. Different ways to attach a tail joint

    you could always try fabric joints, like on the Kevlar lures sold through bass pro. Maybe use seat belt material. Bead chains have been talked about. Screw eyes are extremely popular simply because they work. Like what BobP said about reinventing the wheel.
  4. Anyone made rat wakebaits?

    Just an oversized wake bait with some detail. Make sure you weight it so the tail still has action. Try making the bait quite buoyant to start, and add your weight to the front section first. Always swim it before paint and clear coat so it's easy to change up. Also remember heavy woods will require less weight, to achieve a very buoyant bait.
  5. New lure I'm working on

    Don't try turning a laminated piece on a lathe.. I also wish the dust wasn't an issue..
  6. Australian lures

    yes flat fish, quik fish, Mag lips, etc. All popular "salmon" lures and let me tell Ya.. they would never catch bass!. . the only downfall is they only dive like 6 feet and don't cast the greatest. Those Aussie trolling baits look capable of diving quite deeper. I'm hoping to get to the 25' depth. Hazmail, we all know it's not about the time spent! I would like to one day tackle a copy carver project. Hats off to you! I would love to see it in action.
  7. Exhaust

    I have one of those big industrial fans, like the ones in a bathroom but much bigger. Its housed in a plywood contraption similar to a kitchen oven hood. It is above my main work area where I air brush/pour lead, fed outside with aluminum duct. Its very similar to setting up a bathroom fan.
  8. 7 inch senko mold.jpg

    Thats an awesome POP mold! How does it gas though, or is it injected? Your motivating me to give the soft plastic thing another go. Last time i did it, i didnt seal my mold- which does not work too good
  9. Australian lures

    Wow thank you so much! Very informative articles and exactly the lures I'm referring too. I couldn't find nearly that much info. It probably helps that your in an AU web browser as well. I think for now I'm going to try to make a few. Maybe aluminum and polycarbonate lips. I would love to create a reasonable sized bait that could hit the 30' mark
  10. Australian lures

    Could anyone help me out here? I'm really curious if they utilize ballast in the bait style, or if the hook and bill screw weight manage that? I feel like if I add ballast it will weight the design down too much. Thoughts?

    I use them for pure ease, and like Mark stated, in the summer. When it's cold I prefer to tie directly to my baits. Mainly because I'm using a jerkbait or something with specific action I must control. Gliders and such tend to cast for crap with a large snap, get all tangled and such. I guess it just depends on the situation. I have had one fail once or twice. Very rarely. Just like checking a knot, hook, or split ring, check your snaps.
  12. Australian lures

    thanks guys for getting on this so fast. It's finals week so I haven't been on. So a great example of the lure style I'm thinking of are called "Stumpjumper big cod". They come in a three pack. Google "Murray cod lures" and there is some awesome handmade businesses out there as well. Most of these appear to be marketed as trolling baits, so I wonder how deep they go as well.
  13. Australian lures

    Okay so my recent obsession has been Australian timber lures for murray cod. My question is, is there anything special about them? there seems to be a popular "banana" style crankbait over there that supposedly works through wood and brush quite well. Any thoughts on this? Why dont we see this style in the states? Also how could i go about making one? Ill probably order a few this spring when i have a little more time and money.
  14. Duck season

    Thats a good guess! maybe i should label them when i put the feathers in bags. Im kind of a feather hoarder
  15. Duck season

    That's an awesome looking fly. That would make a sweet show piece! Either way is looks like it would be a lot of fun to have a go at.