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  1. Mayonnaise, dill, cut up sweet pickles, and a tad of white vinegar. Mix it all up and lather it on. Add some lemon slices to it for extra flavor. Lol JK. Haha. I don't keep bass, or paint white ones. Maybe someone else will chime in.
  2. My goal with this was to create a glide bait that I could rip really fast and then sit and twitch. I sorta got that, however on a straight retrieve it just comes in straight with no action. Give it a jerk and it glides three foot to one side. Very interesting what I've found here. I plan on playing around more with the design.
  3. It could use new trebles after sitting in that tree. Definitely a color I will fish. Also good to hear they work good. Thanks for helping me out guys!
  4. OK now that all the lure engineers have chimed in.. I agree whole heartedly that weighting has to be perfect. I myself have felt the pain of that one sided glide thing. I don't remember if someone said this already.. but a few things that I have done to positively alter or fix the problem, Tune it like a crank bait, or add a feathered treble hook. I think a rear feathered hook adds resistance which helps. Glad you figured it out though!
  5. That has to be it. All the other lures depicted have bills with different angle. Also the bill on this one looks like it came out of a mold just awful. Kinda funny actually. I'll have to see if it even runs good.
  6. Well now that I look at it good some more. I went and compared it to the Norman's I have and it's got a different feel as well. I can't find any bagley that looks similar.
  7. I think that's it! Thankyou. Stupid me should have checked my own tackle box.. I have two similar Norman's.
  8. I found this guy in the river a few weeks ago. The hooks rusted off and the paint was almost all gone. Easy to prep and paint! Wanted to try something new and got some acrylics for detail as seen on the eyes and spots. Clear coated with solarez low voc gloss. Works much better than the polyester for me.
  9. I found this guy yesterday and can't figure out what kind it is. No markings either.
  10. Thanks for letting me know. I will have to do some craft store exploration
  11. If you don't mind me asking, where do you get gold foil from, or where could I get it from? That looks awesome, especially painted over with perch!
  12. hmmm. If you teach me how to CNC lead molds i might be able to help you out here.... Hahaha! This stuffs awesome by the way!
  13. Those look awesome! To help with the sharp edges, take the back handle of an exacto, or a piece of aluminum round stock and rub the edges down until it forms a very small taper. It help the epoxy before the pain lay out nice over it. A little light sanding will also do it
  14. If I wanted to seal something like a cedar plug or through wire popper (lathe lures) without having to force epoxy down the center drilled hole, do you guys think either of these would work? I'm kinda curious now.
  15. Cedar is a great choice! I used some coastal yellow cedar for this one I believe.