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  1. For a similar effect, take your favorite lures out laser tagging
  2. Really depends on the size of it. If its very small or along the centerline, like where ballast would be, I like to use spackle as it is very light and has less effect on the balsa action. A balsa plug could work too if the hole is too large
  3. 3d printer; look at Cubepro. 3d scanner; Xbox360 or Xbox 1 scanner.... trust me, it works! However, 3d scanners are not as accurate as you would think, unless you want to spend a very large sum of money
  4. I spent a year on some age old CAD software for high school metals class and graduated to Rhino the next year. That stuff is FUN! Seriously I never would have learned so much so fast if my motivation hadn't been around fishing lures.
  5. If you are the right minded, mechanically sound, determined person I dont see why figuring them out would be too difficult. It helps to have a good base in CAD and CAM. Start with a 3d printer! Screw around till you get a feel for the software and then transition over to CNC.
  6. Time is my enemy these days
  7. Little glide for smallies and whatever else. Slow sink and very good action
  8. At this point I'm too busy in life, but I don't doubt we could do it! Especially with your design skills
  9. Dave let's band together and make some beast of a machine so we can post the schematics up for free
  10. See if your local auto shop will let you in on their clearcoat, or see if they will throw a few lures in on their next clearcoat run.
  11. jonister


    Is this one weighted or unweighted? Looks awesome!
  12. Make yourself a heat box! Or you can cure your paint with a heat gun in between coats.
  13. A easy adjustable balast I learned and used just yesterday is lead solder wire. Especially on your first few baits, get it initially where you want it and then cater to water temp, line material, hook weight, distribution, etc with the use of lead solder around the hook shanks. A smaller diameter solder shouldn't affect hook ups too bad. I just used this on a floater jerkbait to make it slow sink in cold water. Another plus is its cheaper than suspend dots. So many possibilities!
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