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  1. It's kinda pitiful that all I can ever manage to catch are smallies. Mainly location does that for me. This usually works year round for me: Super clear water: natural natural natural Clear: chrome/blue Stained clear: fire tiger. Mainly greens Stained/tannic: blue/chartreuse Dark Stained to muddy: chartreuse Chocolate milk: yellow, pink, anything candy that is loud and stands out. This works for me on crankbaits. Usually natural plastics work year round, and when all else fails a chartreuse white willow/Colorado spinner bait works.
  2. I still can't get the stuff to not run.. other than that I love them. Definitely easier and cleaner.
  3. Smalljaw, Thanks for popping in! I never thought about the belly vs bucktail thing. basically synthetics don't even have to be hollow. as for the action, and Synthetics being better in warmer months, that will definitely give me something to think about. Thanks!
  4. Kingfish, I as well prefer wooden baits, as well as regular buck tail. I messed around with the synthetics and can make it work, but I still prefer the real stuff. I think I'll tie a couple buck tail vs synthetic and see how they both hold up. On a side note I got the synthetic to do what I want when I straighten it with a comb. Those jigs look great btw! Thanks for the input!
  5. Kingfish will regular buck tail fall apart faster in the salt over time? I'm thinking the plastic stuff will last longer as far as corrosion goes. I will have to play around with action of both side by side in the pool. I really just need to use this stuff up!
  6. I'm thinking Clousers?
  7. "WARNING. This product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects"..
  8. This is probably a noob question, but what are the pros and cons of synthetic vs real buck tail? I personally don't like the feel of that fake plastic stuff but I have a bunch of it that could get used up. Is there anything practical about it vs real stuff. I'm thinking Saltwater flies and bucktails.
  9. Thank-you guys! They dive roughly 5-6 foot on 12 lb fluorocarbon.
  10. Just a fun little project. I have the design down pretty well so they carve up quick. I just cringe over the painting part. Not my strong point. Shallow divers, pretty tight wiggle. A good spring lure. Sealed with Solarez and clear coated with art resin.
  11. If you don't like the E-tex because of getting bad topcoats, try Art resin. I have yet to really screw it up with it. *knock on wood. I think Dick Nite is thinner than KBS. I've heard it has a much shorter shelf life.
  12. Mark the last can I had did smell, but it smelled more like fiberglass to me. Like you say, not nearly as bad as AC1315. Stumpjumper, I got mine to last something like 8 months. I know if I did a lot more lures I would have got through that and it would have been more justifiable.
  13. This time around I decided to order more art resin and am going to try Solarez gloss. The thing I like about both is they should last me a while and are less toxic. I'll see how this goes.
  14. Im also liking what i hear about the polytranspar. Ill have to look around and see.
  15. JR nobody asked you!! Just kidding, I love to see your work! you are the inspiration to try hand painting. I might pick up a little brush kit and some basic paint from Blick. I wonder, should i try acrylic, oil based, water based?