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  1. Maple swimbait

    A recently swimbait of mine. Maple carved, createx and acrylic paint, art resin clearcoat. It slow sinks and has a very nice quiet action. Looks like a late summer stocked trout
  2. Best way to drill into circuit board lips?

    Here's a self tuning line tie. Works pretty dang good but I'm not sure how deep it dives or how it'll hold. Its some pretty strong wire though. The metal bill lure in the second photo is meant to take a snap, similar to some river steelhead lures. It works good too. All viable options. I have yet to get crafty enough with sheet metal like the ones on the spro lures. I always either melt the holes through with hot wire or drill with a very sharp bit, if you use a drill bit, make sure it is very sharp, or go slow, otherwise it can chip the circuit board.
  3. 7 inch cedar gill

    That's awesome! Super sweet baits as always.
  4. 3d printed crankbsit

    Trust me, if I wasn't using school printers, I probably wouldn't be able to print!
  5. Which urethane

    I guess I'll just use it to refinish the coffee table as was my original front. Super glue is easy too. Come to think of it im almost out.. Dang I want to get some more ac1315 now. Would you wait a few months to test it if you seal with ac1315, like you would if you were to fish it as a top coat? Or just give it a few days? Anything else to add to the shopping list?
  6. Etex Toxic???

    Art resin mixes easier, is just as clear, zero VOCs, and I have yet to develop a skin allergy to it!
  7. Mini lathe recommendations

    The harbor freight mini lathe has held up for quite some time now. This one at least a few years. When it breaks, take it back for a new one. I think it's like 65$?
  8. Which urethane

    I should have been clearer on my original post. This is just for sealing baits. Not clearcoating. I'm an artresin junkie. I put that sh#t on everything.
  9. Which urethane

    I have used both ac1315 and KBS for clearcoats. This however is simply for sealing baits. I think the poly should work, but I'm still testing it out. At some point I'll get back into the ac1315, as I love the feel of it. My problem back when I tried that was cure time, but after sitting in tackle boxes for a while the lures all are rock hard now. KBS was nice but all mine died after a while. I simply don't use it fast enough. I used to use the minwax to seal baits but just worryed so much that is wasn't sealing good. Might go back to it as well. All good stuff here. Thanks guys. If I have some issues with the water penetrating the poly, I'll report back.
  10. 20180304_115945.jpg

  11. Glide trout

    I made this bait last October and swam it a few times before delegating it to the swimbat box. It wasn't until about two weeks ago that I remembered I had it and gave it a paint job. Played around with some acrylics around the gill and such. A simple bait with very nice action. Will glide with a turn of the handle and face nearly 180 degrees on the pause. Made from red cedar with a polycarbonate tail
  12. Which urethane

    As long as I know it seals wood. I have my test piece to cut into today. Also, the amber look could be a pretty cool look if one was going for an antique look. My plan is to stick with sealing and just use my regular clear coat.
  13. Which urethane

    I picked up some MINWAX fast drying Polyurethane. Gave it a try on some bobbers and a scrap peice of wood to see how it will react. It is oil based. hoping to see some quality water resistance.
  14. Which urethane

    @Travis well I don't care if it's "cheap" so much as just available. Like what am I looking for in a good eurethane? Indoor/outdoor? Or is there like something a little more water resistant?
  15. Which urethane

    Okay so I hate to start a top coat argument about what's better. I already have my ideas about top coat preferences, however I've never tried urethane and am curious what kind i want to get to seal and clear coat baits. I'm not using this on many baits, just some through wires poppers I've talked about. Possibly sealing big baits if it works and is quicker than two part. Could someone direct me to which stuff to try? Is it helmsman? Looking to get this from the hardware store. Not looking to buy DN or anything online.