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  1. I have a Ryobi 16" scroll saw. I get it to work good for cutting the general shape of lures and for fins and lips and such. It cuts everything fine. My only issue with it is that it can't cut much anything over 2" thick. Essentially I can do shape horizontally but not vertically in my initial lure body cuts.
  2. Spent .22 works great. I also use worm rattles occasionally. You can also drill a hole straight through and cap both ends with a countersunk piece of metal or plastic. Add some BBs. Circuit board sounds cool too. Play around with shot size, material, etc.
  3. Yeah Dave we will keep your products in the states!! This thread really is awesome though. I work for a company that makes some really cool stuff sold around the globe. Some customers overseas wanted samples and within a year this complex crap was stolen. I believe it when I see it, but it really is sad.
  4. I forgot to mention, I cleaned the mold very well before pouring with alumalite amazing cast white. It cured fine, but here's a question for the alumalite guys. It says on the package I can mix 1 to 1 but fails to say if it's by volume or by weight. All the videos out there use tiny measuring cups and obviously I cant do so, as I used about 180 grams of resin. If it's by volume I will need to get large measuring cups. Also, I filled the mouth in with clay so I would not get mold material in there
  5. Maybe this has been brought up before, but just for fun I decided to make a mold and pour a resin fish. This is my first time trying this so I figured maybe someone else could take away from this. First off, I started with a fresh 9" or so trout that I froze. I made a mold box and suspended the fish tail up. Next time I do this I will probably skewer the fish mouth to tail because he wanted to flex on me when I poured the silicone. I used smooth-on Oomoo 30. I would have loved to de gas the mold but it was too big for my air chamber. Next time I'm going to use a smaller fish as well. Th
  6. jonister

    Topwater Wood

    Mark's idea with the swivels is great! I love to do that as well. If you look at popular handmade baits, a few of them implement such methods and they seem to be popular. Just a tip though; go buy your swivels in person. Ive ordered stainless a few times offline and ended up with stainless shark swivels... make sure you like the size
  7. For a similar effect, take your favorite lures out laser tagging
  8. Really depends on the size of it. If its very small or along the centerline, like where ballast would be, I like to use spackle as it is very light and has less effect on the balsa action. A balsa plug could work too if the hole is too large
  9. 3d printer; look at Cubepro. 3d scanner; Xbox360 or Xbox 1 scanner.... trust me, it works! However, 3d scanners are not as accurate as you would think, unless you want to spend a very large sum of money
  10. I spent a year on some age old CAD software for high school metals class and graduated to Rhino the next year. That stuff is FUN! Seriously I never would have learned so much so fast if my motivation hadn't been around fishing lures.
  11. If you are the right minded, mechanically sound, determined person I dont see why figuring them out would be too difficult. It helps to have a good base in CAD and CAM. Start with a 3d printer! Screw around till you get a feel for the software and then transition over to CNC.
  12. Time is my enemy these days
  13. Little glide for smallies and whatever else. Slow sink and very good action
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