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  1. jonister

    Preserving carving details

    Might try eurethane in a vacuum pot. Works for me, but it takes a little longer to cure.
  2. jonister

    Shine effect?

    Hughsey have you used it much? What's your experience with it? This "caught my eye" . . as something I might have to try. Curious especially on results.
  3. jonister


    I was using it as a topcoat at the time. As long as you keep them separate from your plastics all goes well. That does eliminate a lot of bait variables though.
  4. jonister


    Just thought I'd post about this. So around this time last year or so I was playing around with ac1315. Maybe later than that. I never liked it because i felt it didnt cure good. All those baits I painted got thrown in a tackle box and forgot about until the other day. Needless to say, they are all rock solid. I feel it's as solid as KBS, if not more. I dont know how long it took em, but if your like me and forget about it, you'll have some pretty solid baits in a year. Wishing I hadn't chucked the can now. Might require more playing around with now.
  5. jonister

    Has anyone tried making bamboo baits?

    Sounds great, I would love to see the results. Bamboo might make for cool glide baits too. It would be interesting to know if anyone else on the forum has experience with it as well.
  6. jonister

    Has anyone tried making bamboo baits?

    Since bamboo is so dense, it most likely will take a lighter line to get the lure to work well, as you described. (Just like you wouldn't fish a trout lure on a heavy bass rod) I have seen bamboo used for jerkbait style lures for saltwater species. If you wanted to use heavy line as you described, possibly a bigger diving lip and a split ring or swivel would help with action. Definitly a cool build.
  7. jonister

    How long do you leave lures rotating?

    Always remember to use the slow cures in a dust free environment. They take so long to cure that when dust settles on them it can get into the epoxy if the bait is not cured. A clear plastic tote flipped upside down has worked for me.
  8. jonister

    Respirator for water based paint?

    Like Anglinarcher stated, OHSA will have the most extreme recommendations. I use a NIOSH approved mask and filter when I paint or do any of that stuff, as well as have a booth fan going. It just makes me feel a little better about that stuff. Might as well conserve what little senses most of us have left. What's your lungs, hearing, eyes, etc worth down the road?
  9. jonister

    Maple swimbait

    A recently swimbait of mine. Maple carved, createx and acrylic paint, art resin clearcoat. It slow sinks and has a very nice quiet action. Looks like a late summer stocked trout
  10. jonister

    Best way to drill into circuit board lips?

    Here's a self tuning line tie. Works pretty dang good but I'm not sure how deep it dives or how it'll hold. Its some pretty strong wire though. The metal bill lure in the second photo is meant to take a snap, similar to some river steelhead lures. It works good too. All viable options. I have yet to get crafty enough with sheet metal like the ones on the spro lures. I always either melt the holes through with hot wire or drill with a very sharp bit, if you use a drill bit, make sure it is very sharp, or go slow, otherwise it can chip the circuit board.
  11. jonister

    7 inch cedar gill

    That's awesome! Super sweet baits as always.
  12. jonister

    3d printed crankbsit

    Trust me, if I wasn't using school printers, I probably wouldn't be able to print!
  13. jonister

    Which urethane

    I guess I'll just use it to refinish the coffee table as was my original front. Super glue is easy too. Come to think of it im almost out.. Dang I want to get some more ac1315 now. Would you wait a few months to test it if you seal with ac1315, like you would if you were to fish it as a top coat? Or just give it a few days? Anything else to add to the shopping list?
  14. jonister

    Etex Toxic???

    Art resin mixes easier, is just as clear, zero VOCs, and I have yet to develop a skin allergy to it!
  15. jonister

    Mini lathe recommendations

    The harbor freight mini lathe has held up for quite some time now. This one at least a few years. When it breaks, take it back for a new one. I think it's like 65$?