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  1. baitjunky’sjerk

    5.5 inched
  2. Bj jerk 5.5

    Bait junky’s jerk
  3. Does anyone have....

  4. Does anyone have....

    I have it and can send pictures. Send message.
  5. basstackle 1014 drop shot

    Have to click on the mold for the others.
  6. basstackle 1014 drop shot

    This is their site pics. Right model?
  7. Color for plastic

    Mike you can do that as well. Three primary colors will get many many colors. Add black and white to get your shades and tint. then comes your pearls, highlighlights, dyes etc. Strap in!
  8. Color for plastic

    Mike, my 2 pennies. Take a look at a color wheel, in fact get you one for the shop. It will help in working your colors and dealing with shades and tint. It is easier to purchase the start colors like X2 JB but even with that you will be adjusting amount of colorant due to flake, salt, amount of plastic etc. Matching is good but developing your own color recipes maybe better. Just look at all the variations of manufactures June Bug. good luck, have fun and stay safe
  9. Dent in 7 inch swimbaits

    I have that mold and an extender fixed that problem. Even the extender requires a top off. That thing sucks down allot of plastic.
  10. Dippdidee?

    This it?
  11. Blocking sections of a cnc mold

  12. Blocking sections of a cnc mold

    I am going to give the clear silicone a try and see what happens. I will put one of my dust gathering sand cast molds up as the sacrifice.
  13. Blocking sections of a cnc mold

    Anyone blocking sections of their mold without permanently modifying it? What are you using? i want to block off a portion of a couple of molds with a filler of some type, one to get a “cupped” look and another in a claw mold. thanks.
  14. Need a Mold

    This one will give you an option by removing the tail. Little linger though. http://store.do-itmolds.com/5-Craw-Worm--4-Cavity_p_166.html
  15. Best Keitech swimbait mold

    BR. May want to consider this bait: youtu.be/KZDAOMsFC6w from Baitjunky’s. another option.