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  1. Agree, just recommended it as an option. Scroggins has the molds
  2. BTS sells a tail mold for their lizard mold.
  3. I think they are both polysyllabic. Just different brand names and maybe blends.
  4. Not sure if he is selling any but here is some historynonnthebait ; https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired2fish.com/fishing-rigs/big-shows-baits-ditto-gator-tail-worm/amp/ see if these work work for you: https://docirvcustombaits.com/baitbox/soft-plastic-custom-worms-baits-lures/gator-tail-soft-plastic-worm-5.5inch
  5. Never had a shatter, crossed fingers; I use silicon pads where I set them on. Seems to help.
  6. Tried Hagen’s, I will look at Lakeland. Thanks.
  7. Where can I get this style of buzz bait blade? Not a delta blade
  8. Silver holographic glitter. That is the magic.
  9. 108 or 156? They sell two versions.
  10. Think big show enddd up with the original molds. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired2fish.com/fishing-rigs/big-shows-baits-ditto-gator-tail-worm/amp/
  11. Last mold maker I knew of was Bear’s baits who no longer cuts molds. contact Lurecraft who may cut a mold similar.
  12. https://www.lurecraft.com/mobile/ASC4-Centipede-2-Sided-Alum-2-Cav/productinfo/5XLU-17341/
  13. No but send them an email. They are pretty quick.
  14. Have lurecraft make you some silicone molds.
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