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  1. Thanks. I will do some bending and practice with som SS leader.
  2. Working to mimic a snagless Sally Bait, having brain cramp on how to add the wire weed guard. Any ideas on an off the shelf part would be very helpful and appreciated
  3. Similar when you start with scents that have water or even Alcohol.
  4. 350 degrees and water DO NOT MIX WELL!
  5. Welcome to free enterprise. It will peak and the numbers will fall off. Same goes for plastics. Repackaging is king in so many. It will be alright. The big boys have been doing it for yars.
  6. Agree, just recommended it as an option. Scroggins has the molds
  7. BTS sells a tail mold for their lizard mold.
  8. I think they are both polysyllabic. Just different brand names and maybe blends.
  9. Not sure if he is selling any but here is some historynonnthebait ; https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired2fish.com/fishing-rigs/big-shows-baits-ditto-gator-tail-worm/amp/ see if these work work for you: https://docirvcustombaits.com/baitbox/soft-plastic-custom-worms-baits-lures/gator-tail-soft-plastic-worm-5.5inch
  10. Never had a shatter, crossed fingers; I use silicon pads where I set them on. Seems to help.
  11. Tried Hagen’s, I will look at Lakeland. Thanks.
  12. Where can I get this style of buzz bait blade? Not a delta blade
  13. Silver holographic glitter. That is the magic.
  14. 108 or 156? They sell two versions.
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