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  1. Here they are, made the same wY without the name HP. https://www.mannsbait.com/shop/1-4-oz-Classic-Spinnerbait-White-p111455475
  2. Anyone have a line on these Japanese hooks? Not wanting a second mortgage but need a hundred or so off and on. I tried a few sources web sites with no luck.
  3. After some searching, I found the man himself declaring the wire size he used. Again thanks everyone.
  4. Thank you. I will get the number 7 to try out.
  5. Thanks. I bend mine from straight shafts so i will just draw an outline as a guide. Thanks. also going with some .31 piano wire as testing baits.
  6. Spoke to Owner rep: matte black are old version. New version is less black finish so They will be the lighter color and new style. I will no longer use them. Guys sent finished jigs back.
  7. I thought I had one but cannot find it. Does anyone know the wire thickness on the Cassic spinnerbait?
  8. I have a call and email in to Owner but want to see if the users of the Owner 5317 jig hook has noticed a change in the hook around the tip. It appears as though the tip was added to the hook. there is a dip and the points have a slight upward angle as well as the area around the barb is narrower.
  9. Review on the dubro were fair at best: scratches and leaves burs. Might have to continue the vise and pull method.
  10. What are you using to straighten bulk wire coming off spools? I want to create straight shafts from spooled wire and not getting it straight enough. Thanks
  11. I speculated that ad well, they seem pretty good though.
  12. Company responded: not available to public: recommended Gamakatsu hooks.
  13. Anyone know what they put on their S-CRANK 1.2? Nothing printed and no answer. Want to replace with same hooks. thanks.
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