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  1. doit football with screwlock hook

  2. Fusing plastic

    Two ways that might work for you; 1. While in the mold hit them with a propane torch to melt them. 2. Try a soldering iron with a flat blade or Point to fuse them.
  3. Micro bubbles

    Couple of opinions: 1. What are you stirring with? I use a spoon or a butter knife to stir when using a microwave. Slow stirs and no whipping. 2. I use the long handled spoon to purposely put air bubbles in some of my baits. These bubbles give some bouncy which has its place during certain applications.
  4. Looking for a 5" twin tail grub mold

    A great trailer. http://www.shopbaitjunkys.com/Spade-Tail-Grub_p_536.html
  5. Soft Plastic Regrinds

    Try these as a maybe. http://ozarktackle.com/regrinds.html
  6. Heating plastisol??

    Too hot on the pot. Presto pot with stirrer or a griddle to set the Pyrex on.
  7. Misting paint on belly of lures?

    Les, get you some pvc to practice and try some krylon orange in the color you want. Try shooting through a medium you find at the hobby shop or hardware. Put the bait in a vice/jig clamp and hold your temp up to the bait and spray. Fail on the pvc and succeed on your bait. Just an option.
  8. Bobs or Do-It

    Yes, looks like he is still down. Take a look at Baitjunky’s or Basstackle.
  9. Cast Mold/High Temp Paint

    Curious, did you just do the top on this worm or both sides? Wonder if one could skip the spray and use a small brush and apply multiple coats with accuracy and less time? nice work and great looking baits.
  10. Ned Rig

    Take a look, barlow’s List a few; https://www.barlowstackle.com/Do-It-Midwest-Finesse-Jig-Moldbrwith-Wire-Keeper-P3414.aspx
  11. New guy and now scared to death??

    It is all about risk mitigation, get into a hurry and you may get into trouble. Checklists work very well. I think problems arise when you are distracted or you get so comfortable you start taking short cuts risk mitigate and all will be fine.
  12. Tacky Feeling??

    Sounds like it was not cooked to the "turn over" temp around 350 degrees.
  13. flat rubber skirt material

    Use it as the first layer and add silicone on the outside. It will flare out to keep the silicone pushed forward when it comes to rest. Sort of a lion's mane under the silicone. I use the collars to hold and adjust and the wire tie to finish. Sometimes I use the thread or braid. i found the GP did not hold its color and faded.
  14. flat rubber skirt material

    Yes, I use the flat tabs I purchased from skirts unlimited. Mainly the black color. Combine them with silicone. I wire tie and use the skirt tool to align.
  15. Similar mold

    Recommendations? Want something similar.