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  1. Walking Dead

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    Mentions bojon: http://www.joefishin.com/TubeMaking.html
  2. Walking Dead

    Bojon Cd/Dvd Tube Dipping

    I wish to suggest to take what you have from this thread and move out on your own path and perfect a new process using the bits of information. Post your process here and asses any received critiques. You maybe very surprised at the final results. Yes it it is too bad that we tend to lose great information from history but I am only seeing great improvement in equipment and techniques all brought to us by guys and gals with a vision, the how to, and no fear of failure. Good luck and let the imagination run!
  3. Walking Dead

    Arkie mold

    Think about using big mono, weed eater string: clear or colors. Might be what you are looking for.
  4. Walking Dead

    Shakey Head Mold

    https://www.barlowstackle.com/Do-It-Round-Head-Weedless-Jig-Molds-P265.aspx could you not use a Teflon pin or rtv to close the brush guard opening?
  5. Walking Dead

    Skirt tabs or hole in one skirt colors.

    Might have them for you: http://www.skirtsplus.com/html/colors.html
  6. Walking Dead

    Eagle Claw V-Bend

    Works great in a finesse jig head mold I have. Definitely a light wire but strong and very sharp.
  7. Walking Dead

    ISO plastic pots with lever

  8. Walking Dead

    Sents For Sand Crab

    Mark, dark and yeller is not good but the stank thing should be ok or better. Probably had juice from a fish or kritter in it.
  9. Walking Dead

    Sents For Sand Crab

    Pretty darn sure. Salt water fish eat just about anything. Nothing else to do besides try not to be eaten.
  10. Walking Dead

    Sents For Sand Crab

    Try pour your own worms crab scent: https://www.pouryourownworms.com/Scented-Worm-Oil-and-Marinades-1-Pint-4000-16.htm?productId=142
  11. Walking Dead

    help matching colors

    ST craws
  12. Walking Dead

    help matching colors

    I used sweet potato for this color
  13. Walking Dead

    Start page problem

    No issues here with iPhone, iPad Pro l, or PC. FYI as you trouble shoot
  14. Walking Dead

    Which plastic to start with?

    Recommend you try the sample kits each company offers, put them through your own evaluation and go from there.
  15. Walking Dead

    Bobs tackle

    https://www.btsmolds.com/swim-bait/ all there