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  1. Thanks for the responses. The problem I'm having with the Mustads are the hook shaft bends out much easier than the older ones. The hook points have not been the problem. The older Mustads were less prone to straighten out. Now, when they straighten out, I may as well throw away the jig, because the hook will straighten out without much pressure. I've notice this since the change of the hooks. The Mustads used to be a bright silver, now they are a dull black color. I assume that means a change in the metal combinations, which has led to a less 'stout' hook. I think I'll try the 2798 Eagle Claw based on recommendations here. Thanks again, have a blessed day.
  2. I have always used the 32798 hook, but something has changed with the newer hooks. They are not as strong as the older hooks. I notice that Eagle Claw has changed their hooks, and wondering if anyone has used the newer 2798 hook, and how it compares to the Mustad hook? Using this for the Do-It shakey head and arky head mold that use the 32798, 3/0 through 5/0. Any help appreciated.
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