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  1. Mudd Butt Baits

    First pour

    I did have it cut, along with 5 others. If you want to email me I can get you his info. muddbuttbaits@hotmail.com thanks
  2. I buy mine from Placon in Madison WI. have to get 500 to make it a good deal.
  3. If your looking for a floating frog, I make some.
  4. did you ever get that mold made?
  5. unless you can pour larger number of cavity molds, there is no money in trying to sell. I Have a 3, 6, 7, and 10 up mold. Plus you have to have volume or it is hard to make any money. Plus stores get 35-50% on there end.
  6. I to am in the basement, I put a dual fan in the window, hung same fan of the rafters and put a desk fan on top of my microwave. I cut a piece of 4x8 insulation to fit fan in window. I can still smell the plastic, but the wife can not smell anything up stairs. I draws the fumes out just fine, cost me like $48 total.
  7. How or why would anyone have them at I Cast? I just made them this last month in my garage. I did send a couple of my baits to a hook maker that was going. What is the easiest and cheapest way to protect the mold idea? I have a hunting rest patent and it was over $10,000.
  8. They are made from the salt water plastic from Lure Kraft. I have caught as many as 6 bass on one bait and could have caught more. Yes I see online at muddbuttbait.com. Thank you everyone for the response.
  9. I bought all of LureKrafts plastic to try, in 5 gallons. The 500 is great! I was ripping baits after a couple fish with the 502, I put 536 and 502 50/50 that was good also. I am moving to all 500 for my floating and keeping the 502 for sinking baits.
  10. It comes to more cavities. I have two 7 cavities and a 3 for my frog. I use 4 cups of plastic and a microwave. Once to temp t takes me about 5 seconds to pour, minute to let set up, when I pull the worms I heat for 30 seconds and start over. I can do around 80-100 in an hour and 60-75 for the frog.
  11. copy this in to youtube or check out the Mudd Butt Baits channel for the video of the new Floating Frog bait.
  12. Just filmed the bait in the water, I will edit it and post it soon.
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