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  1. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Rustoleom does take a few coats. Around four. And isn't very durable. Easiest top coat to use. I used to use glossy to give the wet look.
  2. High School Fishing Team Fundraiser

    That is a good idea...especially if you have many followers of the sport around your area. Maybe for one day schedule a festival of some sort with a fishing atmosphere (knot tying class, flipping contest,etc) Accepting donations for your team. Idk just ideas.
  3. How To Paint More Effeciently??

    Like an assembly line. Paint 5 baits? Paint 5 baits white then main color then accents and details and so on. But only if im doing multiple in the same color.
  4. Confession- I love the craft store!

    Haha me too. My wife thinks im weird. But she understands. Buying knotting hoops and lacie tulle.
  5. Dremel does work well. Twisting a tiny phillups screw driver does too
  6. Hopefully it catches

    I painted this bait because im getting serious about jerkbait fishing. I wanted a bait for overcast days and resembled the forage base in my local big lake. Its just a pearlized white with a dark purple back and a yellow belly for it to stand out. Should work well in lightly stained water.
  7. golden shiner/bream

    This one really glows in the light.
  8. transparent bluegill

    I tried and failed with mixing this color countless times until I got what I wanted. The side stripes I dabbed a foam paintbrush to create them.
  9. Epoxy Shelf Life

    Yea that's why I tossed it. Luckily I didn't use it on a lure, cuz it looked off. Then I said nope ain't usin.
  10. Signing The Lure

    Thanks. Most likely just using my initials.
  11. Signing The Lure

    What type of pen or marker do you use sign your lure? I've used a sharpie but too thick of lines.
  12. Epoxy Shelf Life

    Yea I did a test batch... it dried white.
  13. Epoxy Shelf Life

    Can an opened 2 ton 30 min epoxy go bad? The clear liquid went like a clear milky and is hard to push out. I did have it for about half a year.maybe air got into it? I just won't use it, don't trust it. Thanks for any help.
  14. Food Tongs For A Pattern

    Yea salad tongs work well too.