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  1. Exactly my experience with them a few weeks ago. Great communication from April.
  2. Trust me, I read the horror stories but I had a customer wanting a certain bait that he had the mold for and when I got a live person to call me back I decided to chance it. I was fully expecting to not even get my first call returned and having to tell the customer I couldn't do the bait. I was very pleasantly surprised.
  3. Reading through this topic and several others I've seen Del's name brought up. I ordered a mold from him a couple months ago even though I was very hesitant from seeing stuff on here but did anyway just because I couldn't find it anywhere else. I called and left a message, April called me back within the hour and wasn't sure on an answer to a question I had and said she would ask Del and call me back. A few minutes later she called back with an answer and I placed my order. I received my mold in a little under 3 weeks with a couple of emails I sent checking on status promptly answered by D
  4. Anyone know what scent/oil Jackal puts on their plastics? I don't have a bag and nobody around my area sells Jackal. I have a customer wanting to know if I can get that scent for him.
  5. Anyone have a list of companies with injection machines that can shoot production molds? Looking for some quotes to shoot a mold. I have contacted D&J and Southern. Looking for some more options with possibly smaller minimum piece per color.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Gives me a great base to work with. Always so much good info on this site.
  7. Anyone have suggestions on a good starting point?
  8. What's the consensus on which mold is a better copy between dels FS6 and BTS 5.9 bent worm?
  9. For those using drums what have you found works best to keep it mixed well?
  10. I have some powder coated 1/4 oz lead inserts if you want to try some. .50 ea
  11. What size and where do you get your glass media? I despise salt as well.
  12. I'm not much of an electrician so I had a buddy that is an electrician come over and fix my work area where I could set up everything. I'll take a pic of the plugs and breaker box setup he put in for me. elrat69, That's possibly the only issue I've ever had but I'm not sure if it was because I was using salt that was not fine enough or because of the system. I had some inconsistency between the first baits being too heavy with salt and the last few having too little salt. I absolutely hate using salt so I don't mess with it except when I do sticks.
  13. I forgot another thing about having the universal heater because I run full batches always now. If you have two injectors you can have them like I do in the picture and time it to where you can shoot two different sets of molds alternating. In other words you could be shooting Pearl swimbaits from one pot with one of the injectors and while they cool shoot green pumpkin craws with the other pot and injector. The injector on the middle will be cooler and the plastic will start to thicken the last inch or two of the stroke when running the pots set at 300 like I like to though
  14. And I'd have to look at my paperwork but the system was around 1,000 base price
  15. Frank, I'd like to first thank you for what you share with the public. Your videos were the best things I watched when I was starting out and it's still crazy to me how efficient you are with the presto and twinjector setup. I like the stand alone heater because I like to hear the injector hotter than what my plastic is and be able to have the injector getting hot before I turn on the pots and stay hot between batches. I can turn the pots off and let them cool enough to clean up and change color and the injector stays hot on the universal heater and is handy right there by the molds and
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