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    I like meeting new people. I like helping who ever I can so they can fluerish at their best. We're all here to learn from one another. Take care .

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  1. Yellow Perch

    Thank you sir! Much appreciated.
  2. Yellow Perch

    I actually make a blend. little this little that. But tropical green leaf green and black.
  3. Yellow Perch

    Thank you Sir.
  4. Perch Patter

    © RLM

  5. Perch Patrer

    © RLM

  6. Yellow Perch

    Started painting after a break. Shaking of the rust.

    © RLM

  7. 010.JPG

    would you please private message me details if you would?
  8. 010.JPG

    How much per lure body.
  9. 010.JPG

    Can you still get bodies from your supplier?
  10. Electric blue purple.

  11. Inside out shad

    Inside out inverted shad

    © RLM

  12. Black crappie inspired.

    Thank you.
  13. Black crappie inspired.

    Thanks brother.
  14. Black crappie inspired.

    © RLM

  15. Hot Sauce

    Thank you sir.