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  1. I have a complete setup for painting your own fishing lures. I have absolutely everything you need besides the air compressor. Everything has been used very little. Included: Badger patriot 105 airbrush. A variety of 45 brand new unpainted crankbaits. A variety of over 40 bottles of paint, some never opened. A jar of moisture cure urethane finish. 2 cans of bloxygen to preserve the urethane. A nice airbrush painting hood vent. Split rings, trebble hooks, and eyes for the baits. Variety of tools, vices, hoses and cleaners for the process. Air line gauges and water traps. Plastic showroom style packaging for baits. And more... Like I said this is absolutely everything you need to start painting and selling custom lures besides the air compressor. Everything is in great working condition. This is a fun hobby but I don't do it much anymore and could use the money for other things. I can ship and take credit card as payment. Asking $400 OBO. Credit cards accepted!
  2. I'm having the exact same problem using the exact same paint and same MCU. I just dipped one today and the lure was instantly ruined. Did you ever figure out was is causing it?
  3. I will start to clean the baits before painting with a denatured alcohol like you say. I dont really want to go away from water based paints, so I also need to improve my topcoat I guess so it cannot be breached. Do you have any suggestions for how to do that? Right now I just dip in MCU and let it hang for a few days.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I will try to paint my next bait slower and allow more time between coats. And to be clear when I tried to clean the bait of paint to start over I realized that the paint didn't stick to just a portion of my bait, 90% of it stuck well. I guess I will also need to wear gloves from now on.
  5. I forgot to add that I have only been dipping in the MCU once. Should I be dipping several times?
  6. Thanks for the responses! I have not cleaned the baits before painting, so I will try that. But I also am most likely adding layers too thick and too quickly. I usually apply a white base coat ( all one layer) then use a blow dryer to heat set for 30 seconds or so. Then I move on to the colors and heat set between colors. I then heat set, add eyes and dip in the MCU Im new to airbrushing and maybe I need to learn to do multiple layers with the same color before moving on to the next color. Does a blow dryer heat set the paint enough, and does 30 seconds seem long enough to heat set?
  7. I am purchasing unpainted lures, painting them and then using a MCU to seal them. I am recently running into issues with the paint peeling off if my MCU barrier is breached. I am using createx water based paints. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to prep the plastic lure before painting or how to promote adhesion between the plastic and the paint? Thanks!
  8. Grumpy Gills Tackle


    This is my first attempt at a frog theme crankbait. What do you think?
  9. This is my twist on a shad, not sure if the color will work but it looks nice.
  10. Grumpy Gills Tackle

    First Perch

    This is my first attempt to paint a perch. What do you think?
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