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  1. that looks great but bet they are a lot of work to get them made
  2. Pic might help a little bit
  3. i have the paasche talon, its a bit heavy, but i like it, it sprays fine to medium, i got the kit with all the extra needles and tips
  4. got some 26 gauge pfte coated wire, going to try to paint them and bake them all on the same wire hanger, hoping the paint wont chip taking them off the wires.
  5. do you leave it in until you have done the final bake and then remove it?
  6. liked the black theme better
  7. welcome to TU, you will find a wealth of knowledge here and everyone is very friendly
  8. TerryF2858

    Lead jigs

    I use an old kitchen spoon the small one not the soup spoon size. It works great for me.
  9. They might have some in late April or early may best they could tell me
  10. Paid 24.95 for mine. Are you selling them
  11. Waiting for reply from them if any are even still available
  12. show me you ideas and fixtures for making the solder ice jigs. I want to make the teardrop ones with the small silver ice blade you solder the hook on, and holding the hooks in place is difficult. thanks for your ideas terry
  13. merry christmas to you and your family and to all the great people on this site
  14. That little tip made a big difference thank you
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