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  1. liked the black theme better
  2. welcome to TU, you will find a wealth of knowledge here and everyone is very friendly
  3. TerryF2858

    Lead jigs

    I use an old kitchen spoon the small one not the soup spoon size. It works great for me.
  4. They might have some in late April or early may best they could tell me
  5. Paid 24.95 for mine. Are you selling them
  6. Waiting for reply from them if any are even still available
  7. show me you ideas and fixtures for making the solder ice jigs. I want to make the teardrop ones with the small silver ice blade you solder the hook on, and holding the hooks in place is difficult. thanks for your ideas terry
  8. merry christmas to you and your family and to all the great people on this site
  9. That little tip made a big difference thank you
  10. I will have to watch the video much closer to see what i do wrong. Probably have to get it up on the pc with bigger screen Thank you for the ideas
  11. i would like mine to look like this but they look like you just twisted the wire like a bread tie, i have the Boggs bender, any help or ideas? i use .024 wire shafts with 1 eye already on them. if i need a different one then i would look for any suggestions
  12. if you are worried about it coming loose from the hot days, or in a hot car, you might look at fletching adhesive for arrows, some of the guys say it works better, but i have not tried it
  13. wish one of the companies would buy it up and bring it back, i saw on here somewhere that a guy made his own, it looked great. he mush have had access to a good machine shop
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