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  1. Heres my first go at it 2 1/4" long x 2" wide, 1/8" thick lexan, 3/4 oz sinker Pool test went well.... tried 4 different tow points and ended up using the hole 1" from the front edge, any further back and the contraption wiggles like a crankbait, i figure thats wasted energy that would take away from the max diving depth.... only have a few feet of water in the pool since we're getting it ready for winter, so to test the diver i cast it across the pool, let it sink to the bottom, and then see if i can lift it off the bottom by lifting the rod instead of reeling..... no dice... the thing hugs the bottom and comes back to me no matter how hard i tug at it The real test will be my next trip to the lake... not sure when that'll be, sooner than later if i can help it
  2. Finally got around to this project, and i might have nailed it on my first try...... tested in the swimming pool by casting across, letting it sink to the bottom, then lifting up on the rod instead of reeling... it hugs the bottom no matter how hard i try to pull it up..... now for the all important lake test, stay tuned
  3. If its getting cold in your neck of the woods, temperature can make epoxy almost impossible to work with..... in the winter i make sure to heat up not only my epoxy, but also the mixing tray and of course the lure itself
  4. Few years ago i screwed up a bait and decided to use it to test the limits of twisted/epoxied eyes by hanging it in a tree by a clothes hanger on one end and dangling a 30 lb dumbbell on the other...... the eyes were distorted and ovalized probably beyond repair, but they never pulled out
  5. I think alcohol (denatured) would be better than soapy water for the final wipe down... other than that, yea, sounds like itll work
  6. JRammit

    Deep diver.. golden shiner

    Ive always had a hard time with these long, strait slender body type cranks... think ill go with a little more curvature on the back with the next one... and think ill start doing test swims with the body i intend to finish instead of always making two... should save alot of time and eliminate unintended variables
  7. JRammit

    Deep diver.. golden shiner

    Thanks!... i like simple.... its createx pearlized copper Turned out to be a dud tho.. i carved a test model first and transfered all the measurements to the finished product, but somehow i messed up and put the line tie too far forward on this one.. test piece swims fine, this one just does the porpoise..... oh well, itll look good on the wall, and ill put this same paint job on the next one
  8. JRammit

    Who, Ref and Boss jigs

    Some feather crappie jigs i named after our chickens, since they were kind enough to provide me with the material..... Who has puffy feathers around her face that kinda makes her look like an owl, her feathers are on the white and chartreuse heads.... Ref is black and white like a referee, her feathers are on the pink heads... Boss, well, shes the boss of the coup, her feathers are on the brown heads
  9. Yea... and they shipped it right back free too Now i know what a cheap airbrush feels like... if you wanna call it that... more like an airbrush replica
  10. Im off work tomorrow... ill turn over everything in the shop
  11. Im not that lucky... i have to find the thing before i can send it back... ive looked all over that corner without a trace... i even threw a few other things at that wall to see which way they bounce... that didn't help
  12. Well i didnt know Iwata has a 5 year warranty on all their airbrushes... it doesnt cover "abuse", but they said they'd replace it anyway.... now i just have to find the rest of it so i can send it back
  13. Hey, this looks pretty sweet.... and it comes with multiple needle/nozzle sizes... says .25, .38 and .66... i like the idea of having different sized needles Side note, i contacted Iwata today via email.. just an honest message/complaint.. didnt ask for anything from them.. but would be nice if they offered
  14. Cost isnt really a limitation, more of a delay.... i just bought a boat last month, so its kinda difficult to justify another purchase with the wife this soon....... especially seeing as how the airbrush i just destroyed was a gift from her
  15. Might have to... the one i got dont work at all... wont even spray water... sending it back Guess i can get back to making soft plastics for a while
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