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  1. File me in the "havnt been around in a while" pile too.... Been a couple years, distracted by other stuff... Havnt abandoned my shop completely, projects have just been much fewer and quite farther between Design is the only aspect of lure building/crafting that has ever interested me.. Be it cranks, plastics or other.... I guess some favor their passion for actual fishing over the joy of creating their own tools, and opt for painting blanks or injecting off the shelf molds.... That is understandable considering all the weekends i spent in the shop rather than at the lake.... But i still wouldn't trade with them
  2. JRammit


    Speaking of not being on here much lately Rough stuff Dave!... Glad to hear of a steadfast recovery... And not surprised at all to see you turning an unfortunate event into an engineering challenge...... Hopefully those physical therapists hold your advice as highly as many here do!
  3. JRammit

    Baby Pumpkinseed swim bait

    Thanks man! Fish kinda liked it too
  4. 2 1/2" long... 1/4" thick Spray can paint job with a bucktail rear end
  5. JRammit

    P3 Shad

    Those look solid Bob! Prefect mesh of a fat profile and slim tail for action Scale pattern is sharp too!
  6. JRammit

    The Crub

    Is it a craw?... is it a grub? Yes! 5" hand poured craw body with grub tail from a 1pc silicone mold Feels good to be back in the shop again!... been workin my tail off, havnt had much time for hobbies... trying to change that!
  7. JRammit

    Plaster Mold Baits

    Man those are clean! No flashing.. Good shaping.. And nice details!
  8. Try air dry clay... The cheap Crayola stuff It dries hard, but becomes soft again when it gets wet... Like when you put it in wet plaster
  9. Mold a live frog like you did that lizard!
  10. I have a fishing buddy, older fellow, who's entire tackle box consists of only 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 oz Roadrunners No matter what I throw, he out fishes me with his roadrunners every damn time! I keep telling him I'm gonna get in his tackle box and snip off all his blades one day
  11. I use Pourosol too... Ive had the foaming problem a few times, but not often I just scrape the foam off the top before stirring, problem solved
  12. Amazing white casting resin from Alumilite would work fine.... Sanding, drilling, shaping, no problem.. Very durable stuff.... And ez to use
  13. RTV has a much lower rate of failure (at least it does for me).... But POP is WAY more forgiving of mistakes financially That's something most don't take into consideration... When you're figuring up your costs, make sure you factor in F'ups... Especially if you're making your own designs, cause then you have mold failures AND design failures to battle with But don't be scared off by this... All the cussing and throwing stuff is more than worth it when you finally get it right!!! If you haven't picked a supplier yet, check out Spike-It (Lureworks)... They're the only vendor I know of that also sells RTV... I use the 40 strength...... But, they don't sell release agent, which sucks.. But they have everything else you need for plastics, one stop shop, save on shipping! Your design will also dictate which mold material you can/can't use.... You actually can use a hard master in POP, but there are some limitations...... RTV gives you more design freedom
  14. Does look like watermelon... But less watermelon Yours looks a little dark, and you used less white Glitter just looks like blue and gold to me cool color!
  15. I hear ya!... I haven't found a place yet that my boat won't go!!! Ive even been known to drag it into secluded creeks and ponds.. Through the woods down little game trails, across pastures, over and under fences........ That's probably where all the leaks came from in the first place
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