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  1. Yeah, like I said in the YouTube comments, I'm plannign to build a new boat, something longer and narrower than this 1236, I figure a 1632 would be perfect, 1532 might get be adequate. These motors don't need much planing surface to get on step. For now I'm about to build a new powerhead from a go-kart racing engine. That should give me more power and torque for now until I save up to build the new hull.
  2. Anglin, that's about how I am. I figure plan the whole week of the new moon and full moon and forget the rest.
  3. That truck is just a tool to get me to the river. I really don't like cars at all. No, maybe I didn't grow up in the back of beyond, but I got you to watch the video. That was the point.
  4. Yeah, I got it out the next day. no damage.
  5. I don't remember which, but you're right I've noticed the day before and the day after a full moon works well. The same with the new moon. In fact I don't fish unless it's the week of the full or new moon. For me it isn't worth the gas money.
  6. You're the second person this week who mentioned they use curly tail grubs for bluegill. I know gold, oranges, tans and browns work in my area.
  7. Opps, I meant to say get it done.
  8. Foam spiders with rubbers legs get it don't. I think we've all used some kind of floating foam or popper spider. This is more of a bait harness than a true fly.