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    Glo paints

    That is what I have, not impressed. unless I am doing something wrong, they do not glow nearly as good as they show in pictures
  2. Jj7leaf

    Glo paints

    I was using a white base but did not completely bake it just reheated it and sprayed the glow. I will give that a try, my issue is that it didn't seem to glow like I wanted, very dull, tried white, yellow and green, none seem to glow like commercial glow lures. In my search I found where someone suggested a clear over the glow was needed? I can't figure out why that would be needed but was going to try that as well. Thanks for any help jason
  3. Jj7leaf

    Glo paints

    Does glonation glow powder have to be added to clear powder paint or will their powder work as a powder paint on a heated jig head? i am looking for a good glow heat/dip powder paint.
  4. Looking for some input on getting a good fluorescent dot without using white under it. I have done some sticks and blades recently where I would like to add a fluorescent dot over the nickel or brass without doing a white dot first. May this point all of my paints are water based, this may be part of the issue but I noticed HOK neon paints all have the same recommendation to use white undercoat. What is anyone's input on getting a fluorescence chartreuse or pink dot directly over the blades without white undercoat? would an enamel or laqcuer based paint get me a better fluorescent without the base coat? thanks in advance jason
  5. I have been struggling getting the effect I want with fluorescents without using white as a base. Have done some sticks and spinner blades where I want to add a slash or spot of fluorescent chartreuse or green and I cannot get the true color without using a white base. To date all of my paints are water based autoair and wicked, that could be part of the struggle but I am searching for some resolution before I put money into more paints. Any suggestions on getting a true fluorescent dot without using a white undercoat for every dot? Do I need to get away from waterbased? thanks in advance. Jason
  6. Wondering if anyone has had their paint freeze and if there was anything that needs to be done other than intense shaking/ mixing?
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