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  1. $400.00 for a single cavity mold!!!! That's outrageous for those designs. Your designs don't seem particularly complicated, I can't see why the initial mold with drawing toolpaths etc. Should cost more than in the region of $150-200.00 to get your first single cavity aluminum mold into your hand. Saying that we're stacked up with work at the moment, but I'll happily quote for. Rupert
  2. Hi Mikado, Sorry I'm not seeing anything on our email. For the larger Shooting Star system we are in the process of adapting it to use 240V supply, this for ease of use in the USA and also as we are receiving more and more orders from Europe. This is still several months away from being completed however. The Mini Shooting Star unit we will always run off 110V. So far we have had no reports of any issues from people using our system with transformers (our website lists all the power specifications) and we supply worldwide. Please send a test email to support@ultramolds.com for the attention of Rupert, as we are getting emails as per normal, I may have missed yours or it may have gone into the dreaded "junk" mail. I hope this helps
  3. Hi Baitjunkys, Rupert here from Ultramolds, I'm sorry you're having issues with my SS and difficulty getting spares. Have you emailed me at the website? You are right about the PID and we have changed our supplier, they do now come with a maximum heat limit setting, but not an "overheat switch". If you could contact me at support@ultramolds.com I will do my very best to deal with any issues you are having and supply any spare parts you may need.
  4. Hi Rupert here, They are similar because we make the center block for Bears system and the injector, it has our name on it Any questions about our system feel free to call me directly on 318 265 3974. We are also possibly unique in now having variable speed motors (from 10-75rpm) ideal if you use salt as you need a higher speed motor to keep it in suspension and maintain an even distribution through the plastic. There are several good systems on the market, I however am slightly biased in favor of one brand ahem, cough, cough, Ultramolds lol
  5. We recommend ispikeit.com. Also remember price is not everything especially with colorants!!
  6. Hi, yes absolutely, we can make any bait to whatever size you like. We recently sent some 14" versions to Australia, there's a picture of Chris holding it on the website. Just email via the website with what you want. Turnaround is about 4 days at the moment
  7. Hi, glad you liked the mold! Make sure you send us some pictures of what you caught and I'll put them up in the gallery we're building on the website!!
  8. Hi, glad you liked the mold! Make sure you send us some pictures of what you caught and I'll put them up in the gallery we're building on the website!!
  9. Hey cuz, glad the mold worked out so well for you!!
  10. Hi Bozo, My apologies for not getting in contact, we are swamped with work this year. If you can message me your proper name and a contact number, I will check on your status and let you know over the w/e. We custom make these systems from scratch with each one taking a little over a week to produce. You are currently one of 10+ we have on back order. I can assure you we are doing our best to fulfill orders in a timely manner. If you truly believe it is "buyer beware" I will gladly refund you the full amount you have paid, with out question. Regards Rupert
  11. DaveMc1 has covered it perfectly.
  12. For our systems, to push plastic through the gel stage you will need to be around 350+F. We have and do run our pots as low as 265-270 and still get great results with soft plastic When it comes to topping up if you are adding raw plastisol you will have to up the temp again to push it thro the gel stage then lower it back down, same goes for throwing in regrind. Keep it chopped up fine and it will melt faster as the surface area in contact with the hot plastisol is greater and the heat can penetrate faster as the volume is less. Adding preheated plastisol already through the gel stage and you don't really have to change anything. And yes our pots are run at different temps to get the same result in each pot! !! And sorry but no I have no idea why this happens. But don't forget there are a huge number of factors that will cause the plastisol to perform differently at different temps. I think we've all had a batch that has discolored at temps which makes no sense at all to what you know from experience.
  13. Hi Ruthunter, This is Rupert from Ultramolds. Give me a call on 318 265 3974 and we can discuss your issues in depth.
  14. Hi Ute, Rupert here. My apologies for not checking my phones and replying, we are slightly under the hammer with work. Can you email through the site support section and I will get back to you tomorrow. All our parts have arrived finally and we're playing catch up!! A massive thank you to everyone for your patience during the start of this year, it is hugely appreciated. Back to the machines now!!
  15. It's a strip you place in the sprue that keeps the colors separated so you can reuse it and keep wasteage down. It also makes for a super sharp lamination as the colors only contact as they enter the mold body itself.