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  1. flipper2

    Has Anyone Read The Cp Baits Ad?

    Sorry, What he was saying must have came across the wrong way.
  2. flipper2

    Has Anyone Read The Cp Baits Ad?

    Sorry Ben I'm not sure how to attach the link. But, long story short. Craig Powers seems to be bashing anyone who builds there on baits.
  3. flipper2

    Has Anyone Read The Cp Baits Ad?

    I couldn't believe what I was reading and to think he has time to hand carve and finish all those baits while fishing professionally. What do you guys think of his ad? I'll never buy one!!!
  4. flipper2

    Aztek Paint Question

    brushape, How do you like that paint? I use it on my baits and it seems to work pretty well. The thing that I dislike is I have to be below 80 degrees or it will dry in the airbrush. Have you had this problem.
  5. flipper2


    Absolutely amazing paint work!! great work.
  6. flipper2

    Bagley Paint Color Question

    Thanks everyone! Nailed it, I'll try to post some pictures soon. One neat thing, I noticed when I sprayed the black over the pearl sides it created a light gold line or edge. The only trouble is now the bait is to pretty to fish.....
  7. flipper2

    Bagley Paint Color Question

    Thanks Dink master, Those baits are exactly what I am trying to achieve. It must of been my eyes playing tricks on me with the greenish tint.
  8. flipper2

    Bagley Paint Color Question

    Yeah Mark, I think the sides are pearl. But what's puzzling me is the shoulder color, it looks kind of greenish gold.
  9. flipper2

    Bagley Paint Color Question

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to reproduce the Tennessee shad colors from the old Bagley killer B's. Do I build this color or is it a solid? Also, the side color looks more like a pearl white or silver than opaque white. Any tips welcomed!
  10. flipper2

    Painted Eyes

    Bob when you apply your paint do you allow the swab to touch the bait? Also, do you use any type of drier to set it after the application?
  11. flipper2

    Painted Eyes

    Can anyone tell me an easy way to paint the eyes on my crankbaits? I have tried for a year to master this part of the process and still fail every time. I have tried nails, drill bits and qtips etc . also, I have used nail polish, enamel paints they all fail. Help!!!
  12. flipper2

    Question About Bill Width Or Size

    Sorry for the late response. I have been on vacation in TN "No flat baits to be found or people who carve them". I just made a bait out of popular and reduced the bill width as Vodkaman had suggested, that made a huge difference in the retrieve resistance and also tighten the wiggle. I still need to test the depth but I am now on the right path. Thanks to everyone for your responses.
  13. flipper2

    Question About Bill Width Or Size

    Yeah S56, the other thing I have been battling is tightening up the wiggle. I have split the weights up and moved the line tie up some and I think I'm headed in the right direction. Hopefully I can achieve a tight fast wiggle. I really wanted to use balsa wood since it is so easy to shape and my depth goal is 8-10ft everything down here is so shallow. I think JRammit may be right the buoyancy of the balsa may be the biggest part of my problem.
  14. flipper2

    Question About Bill Width Or Size

    What I would like to figure out is how to make my plug retrieve easier while maintaining the same depth an similar action. I am comparing it to another bait of the same style and size. Somehow he has accomplished It. The only visual differences between the plugs is mine has different angles forming the coffin shape of the bill. Mine are closer to the end of the bill and maybe 1/64 wider and his wide points are more toward the line tie creating a little longer angle on the coffin shape. also his bait seams to be some type of hardwood. First do you think the tip angles of the coffin could effect it that much? Could it just be the difference in trying to pull the balsa down as opposed to the more dense hardwood? Also, I have a hard time expressing what I am trying to ask so thank you for your patience.
  15. Guys I like to build the flat tap style plugs with coffin bills. I have what feel is good action, but I was wondering if there was any way to reduce the effort it takes to make the bait dive. Is this a bill or type of wood question. Skeeter, I have one of Jerry lohr's tap style baits and it takes have the effort to reel as one of mine but there is very little difference in size and shape of my bill?