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  1. Guys, when you heat your plastic in the microwave, are you at full power? I'm having some yellowing and only using half power and short 1-2 minute heats until it's ready. Using stabilizer also. I think it may be yellowing after the first or second reheat in the microwave so I'm wondering if it's better to get it to temp the first time in the microwave then leave it on a hot plate until you've used it all?? If so, if it's on a hot plate, what temp are you setting it at and are you having to stir it all the time??
  2. guys, I learned on the first batch, you cannot use whisker glitter and microwaves. I use .015 small hex glitter from MF MFG in the microwave with no problem, but I would like to go to medium or large hex on some of my baits. Can you use those larger hex glitters in the microwave or will they erupt into a fire?
  3. Yes, that's the 660 4 cavity mold. I think I'm going to order another one!
  4. well, last night was my first attempt at making my own plastics and I would say it was a huge success. I had some poor injections on the first couple runs, but I got it dialed in now! My first attempt at laminates produced 4 perfect baits on the first attempt. Thanks guys, for all the help on questions I have had!!
  5. Also, how much heat stabilizer should I use for 4oz of plastic??? Is there a standard amount per oz.??? After I get my 4oz test runs and colors down, I want to start doing larger batches.
  6. Smallmouthaholic, thanks!! I bought a 900watt microwave and did 1 minute/stir, then 30 seconds/stir after that BUT I just used whatever the normal setting is on the microwave. Do you think or is there a big difference between high and low settings?
  7. So I injected my very first mold today and all was well, BUT.....the second time I heated my plastic in the microwave, it changed from chartreuse to yellow! I used a harbor freight infrared thermometer and it read 340. I'm betting it's off by quite a bit!?!?!? Did it get too hot or what?
  8. does someone have a recipe for burnt orange and a picture of it, so see if that's the color I'm looking for?
  9. Guys, is color proportional? By that, I mean if I make a great color with so many drops of this and that in 4oz of plastic, can I multiply the drops of colors by 4 and make 16oz of plastic with the same result? I would think so, but I'm just starting. I would like to come up with a bunch a great mixes in small batches them roll with them in 16oz or 32oz production runs.
  10. Nedyarb,what's your process for using that on plastics?
  11. Frank, where do you get those rubber gloves you use for injecting? They look much less clumsy than the normal high heat gloves.
  12. Guys, what is the best way to keep adhesive backed eyes on my swinbaits? Is there a glue that is PROVEN?? If dipping is the answer, what specific product do I dip into? If I have to dip them, what's the process? I just don't want any more blind swimbaits!!
  13. darkangel

    Picture 2928

    Would you share your sexy shad recipe?
  14. darkangel

    worms 006

    Holy cow! What's you color formula for that bright purple, if you don't mind sharing.
  15. darkangel

    7,5" Epic

    What do you use specifically to dip you baits in, to seal on the eyes and do you dip the whole bait?
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