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  1. Yes , a rivet would work . I appreciate all the ideas . There are all kinds of Great ideas . But I am looking for that specific part . Hildebrandt baits uses them , but they don’t sell them . I am looking for the distributor of that part . Thanks
  2. Has anyone ever purchased one of these quick change sleeves . And it is not a pop rivet . And not a conventional crimp sleeve . It is 9/16 of an inch long , just under 1/8 of an inch Outside Diameter. Some companies use them on there Spinnerbaits. Appreciate any info .
  3. Would like to see the different ways a heat gun can be held hands free .
  4. What size split rings go on a #2 spinnerbait ball bearing swivel .
  5. Looking for this component .
  6. Does anyone know a source of Burner Style Spinnerbait Blades ?
  7. fishhook


    Used my Wife's UV nail dryer to make this SB
  8. fishhook


    Bismuth & Tin Hidden Weight for Clear Water Florida (Pits).
  9. fishhook


    Bismuth Florida Wild Shinner
  10. Appreciate the info , what are its advantages ? Is it more durable? Is an R bend less likely to break ? Does it vibrate more ? Thanks for your reply .
  11. Guys what company makes the best spinnerbait wire forms. And has anybody used the Super Stainless Steel wire .
  12. fishhook


    Bismuth and Tin Bullet Spinnerbait
  13. fishhook


    Tin Buzz In White
  14. fishhook

    Tin Knocking Buzz

    Tin Knocking Buzz
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