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  1. What size split rings go on a #2 spinnerbait ball bearing swivel .
  2. Looking for this component .
  3. Does anyone know a source of Burner Style Spinnerbait Blades ?
  4. fishhook


    Used my Wife's UV nail dryer to make this SB
  5. fishhook


    Bismuth & Tin Hidden Weight for Clear Water Florida (Pits).
  6. fishhook


    Bismuth Florida Wild Shinner
  7. Appreciate the info , what are its advantages ? Is it more durable? Is an R bend less likely to break ? Does it vibrate more ? Thanks for your reply .
  8. Guys what company makes the best spinnerbait wire forms. And has anybody used the Super Stainless Steel wire .
  9. fishhook


    Bismuth and Tin Bullet Spinnerbait
  10. fishhook


    Tin Buzz In White
  11. fishhook

    Tin Knocking Buzz

    Tin Knocking Buzz
  12. fishhook


    Finally made the bait I can use ! Lol..........
  13. Hey Guys , what is the best way to cut a soft stick bait ? To achieve the the the flattest top of the bait . Scissors, Razor blades, knife. I know someone has the best technique!
  14. I have herd that guys have had the same issue you are talking about! Most have said the gates are to small. Some have said that the nice shape at the top of the bait is great , but the small gate causes the dents .
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