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  1. thx guys,it's an aluminium boat no, jack plate and like wallyc launching in shallow spots it will need to be raised. I plan on using a portable bracket that can be adjusted to different heights,but it will be pemanently bolted on.Just using so i can adjust height of transducer to conditions as needed on the fly. It is too bad the transducer is so long.
  2. Hey guys,well I plopped down the $ for a lowrance HDS8 with down and side scan.I've been taking my time reading the install directions/do's and don't's. Moved the old Eagle ultra to the trolling motor,and I'm about ready to dive in. Any horror stories to tell? I'm thinking of (already bought) a transom mount bracket so i can raise/lower the monstrous side scan transducer for shallow water launches or times I just want it higher to protect it. I've moved the S/S radio to the other side of the boat so theres less chance of emi. Also considering getting the lowrance ext. GPS ant. for faster u
  3. I had the same problem Canuck,I made some in line spinners for musky/pike,and the smaller blades wouldn't turn with the 's' style clevis. The # 10 and#12 blades worked great( very easy to bulge the surface with,though hard to crank in,time for a new reel LOL ). However the #8 blades just won't go. I even tried to troll them to maybe"break them in",,,,,, epic fail. Proof that some part combo's just don't work. I will be re-wiring these with regular style clevis' some rainy/snowy day(or night)
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