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  1. What i made

    Nice looking baits.
  2. Tungsten Ice jigs

    I'm interested myself. I bought from a Chinese company once don't remember wich one and it didn't work out to good. Use be happy with a few hundred at a decent price myself.
  3. Welding hooks

    If you are talking about hook on a willow leaf blade like the old Rembrandt "jigs" we used for ice fishing they are soldered on so if you want a different hook just use a small torch or soldering gun and melt the solder and then hold a new one in spot and solder it in place.
  4. Do-It Swimbait Head Jig Mold

    Smalljaw one thing I've noticed with the 1/4 oz is that even with a light hook that is straight there really isn't much room between that bottom lead part and the hook. One thing I've done is before painting I bend down the lead part that runs under the belly just a bit to give me more room for the plastic. Barlow thanks for the tip about the vmc those look great.
  5. Best worm oil

    Ide be happy with that I hate oily baits lol. Honestly different brands of plastic absorb it differently. Some plastics get oily on there own even without putting any oil on them. Ide say you need to look to another brand of plastic if you want oily baits.
  6. Poison Swingtail Jig

    I have it and it pours great. The wire inserts are pretty heavy so ide think they'd work fine for most anything.
  7. Bad "Silver Buddy" Pours by Hinge?

    Pics would help if you can post what it looks like. Have you tried drop out. Some molds I have a hard time getting to pour complete I spray drop out in and it helps a lot.
  8. small ice fishing molds?

    I don't have the Arkansas flash but I would think it would work fine in the 1". I like do-its wax wiggler a lot and Jacobs ice stinger jr.
  9. Emerald green

    I'm pretty sure Do-it sells an emerald green
  10. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    In the water you can't tell it's dull.
  11. Violet sparkle glitter

    I find the best pictures are with a white background under fluorescent light. I just use my phone and you need to be close when taking the picture. Most of my pics are from about 6" away.
  12. Violet sparkle glitter

    Not a great pic but its all I have right now. This bait was clear with a very small amount of pearl and sparkle violet and black glitter. One thing I don't like about it is you can see the kind of orange yellowish color in the glitter in clearer baits.
  13. Violet sparkle glitter

    It does look different in a clear plastic and you do use more than you think to get the desired effect. As far as reheats it does ok you have to be a little careful. If you get it too hot the purple just kind of disappears. I might have a pic of clear with just a bit of pearl and sparkle violet. I'll see if I can find it.
  14. Violet sparkle glitter

    Best I have in my phone it's in smoke here.
  15. Violet sparkle glitter