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  1. How do i make this color

    I really can't tell from the pic. It looks like a kind of week crappy chartreuse. Best way to see that individual color is to cut the bottom part off the bait. It may look different by itself than in a laminate.
  2. Hook storage in humid garage

    I keep mine in the plastic ammo boxes. They have an rubber air right seal and are cheap. You can even throw in a desiccant pack if you think you need it.
  3. Dead on plastix

    Thanks. Great to know. I don't want to change.
  4. Dead on plastix

    Bait junkies is now directing you to the polysol site to order plastic. They are no longer selling plastic just molds. So is polysol what baitjunkies has been selling?
  5. Soft Plastic Bait Ball

    You got it. Just makes your little baits, put them in the mold and shoot fairly hot plastic to go around it and fill the mold. You shouldn't need to dip it unless you put eyes on
  6. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    Hopefully this works
  7. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    I'll get on it. I think I'll open a YouTube account and try it that way.
  8. VID_366301109_214759_109.mp4

    Ripper swim bait
  9. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    I do I'll see if I can figure out how to post it
  10. Neon or Florescent Orange Glitter

    I would love if they would get black in the electric!
  11. Recipe for Honey

    I would think you should start an amber color
  12. Custom order option on Baitjunky.coms

    I'm pretty sure it's for custom mold of your design. You'll probably need to call to have a custom made.
  13. Neon or Florescent Orange Glitter

    MF fluorescent are same as lure craft electric.
  14. Neon or Florescent Orange Glitter

    I use electric and it doesn't bleed at all. It's not shiney like regular glitter but it is brite. This is yellow and orange electric in clear plastuc
  15. Mold identification

    I'm thinking enforcer