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  1. I prefer to stick to the nonblead colorant. Dye bleeds really bad but does get colors you can't get with the regular colorant. I use colorants from many different companies. Lureworks has great stuff and I like there florescent colors better than most others, I also use Do-its X2 colorant and some stuff from lurecraft. MF also has a very good variety of colorants to choose from.
  2. Its smoke with blue hi-lite powder and halo silver glitter.
  3. I have the 16 cavity and really like the bait. They have tail molds that work awesome but just so you know the stinger swimbait mold is not oriented correct for shooting laminates. If you want to be able to shoot laminates get the 669 stinger. It's not exactly the same but close. The mail difference is the tail is verticle on the stinger swimbait and horizontal on the 669 stinger.
  4. I like the probe style instant read better. The hottest part of the plastic is the center. You need to stir to get an accurate temp either way. And yes knowing temp is very important.
  5. walleyeking


    If you can get people to pay that I say go with it. Who cares what others charge as long as it works for you.
  6. http://www.basstackle.com/product_p/stingerswimbaitmold.htm I really like this one
  7. I really can't tell from the pic. It looks like a kind of week crappy chartreuse. Best way to see that individual color is to cut the bottom part off the bait. It may look different by itself than in a laminate.
  8. I keep mine in the plastic ammo boxes. They have an rubber air right seal and are cheap. You can even throw in a desiccant pack if you think you need it.
  9. Thanks. Great to know. I don't want to change.
  10. Bait junkies is now directing you to the polysol site to order plastic. They are no longer selling plastic just molds. So is polysol what baitjunkies has been selling?
  11. You got it. Just makes your little baits, put them in the mold and shoot fairly hot plastic to go around it and fill the mold. You shouldn't need to dip it unless you put eyes on
  12. I'll get on it. I think I'll open a YouTube account and try it that way.
  13. I do I'll see if I can figure out how to post it
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