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  1. Core Block

    Did you ever make and try this. I'm interested in knowing how it turns out.
  2. Ned Rig

    VMC 9147 works great
  3. Tube Bait Mold making

    That's an awesome idea Roger.
  4. Big head molds

    Almost any will work. Round head, football, teardrop, walleye head. I use a lot of football heads myself because I fish relatively slow and the football head doesn't fall over on its side when you set it down on the bottom. If you like the wire keeper the teardrop mold is real nice for plastics also.
  5. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    Pearl ex works great. You can probably get it at an art store
  6. Good crappie molds??

    The stinger swimbait and the 669 stinger are very similar baits. The 669 can be laminated and the tail is flat the horizontal way and the stinger swimbait can not be laminated and the tail is flat the vertical way. Both are great baits and the 16 cavity tail mold is only around $20 so it's worth buying.
  7. Good crappie molds??

    Bass tackle 2.4" stinger swimbait. And get the tail mold. It's cheap and works Awesome. Do-it 2.5" swim fry. And Do-it mayfly are both killer crappie baits too.
  8. Vice Recommenation

    I have a griffin Montana mongoose and it's Fantastic. It holds tight for everything from #18 fly hooks up to 7/0 1.5 oz jigs tied with bucktail. Might even work for bigger stuff but I haven't tied bigger yet.
  9. regular swivels for drop shot mold

    Smalljaw is right the line grip swivel is a #7 so I would assume that size of regular swivel would work, but I have not tried to fit any other than the line grips in the mold so not 100% sure.
  10. Do It/Caney Creek 4" Carrot?

    I use the 3.5" finesse worm as a drop shot bait. It is basically a 3.5" carrot with a little more taper at the end. I shoot it in straight plastic and it has great action. I fish it for walleyes and smallies and it works great.
  11. Do-It Midwest Finesse Jig Mold with Wire Keeper

    Just to add to the info. I've been using VMC 9147 hooks in the Midwest finesse mold and they fit great.
  12. Aquamarine Color Recipe

    Unfortunately the ones around me don't seem to put it in the same area. It's kind of random. It is usually in a little display of its own. Hoby lobby doesn't carry a lot of colors. I bought a kit of I think 25 of the 2 gram sizes wich isnt much but let's you get an idea of what colors you like on ebay. Then after you determine what colors you want just buy the 4 oz sizes online.
  13. Transparency

    I'm curious myself. Never heard this before.
  14. Aquamarine Color Recipe

    Yes. This is exactly what I was gonna suggest. If you have pinch smidgen dash spoons put a dash in 4 oz of plastic and you will be happy.
  15. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    I like the ripper too. Ya it's a bit expensive but the quality is there. I like the profile and it shoots great. A multi cavity would be nice and sounds like it's in the works.