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  1. you just gave me a great idea. I have a cnc machine, and kydex. just gotta figure out how to get them molded even.
  2. hate to bring up a dead post, but does anyone know how to get ahold of akteacher. I would like some cad work done. im wanting to make some 3d printed stencils.
  3. im looking for someone that can make some 3d printed craw stencils. just need the cad work done I can print them. anyone interested?
  4. anyone here making 3piece craw stencils yet?
  5. The top Candy will reactivate the color below it and cause bleed back, you can dust coat 4030 over the top but not necessary. A coat of 4004 or go straight to clear.
  6. If the candy was the last coat your good dip it and done. You just can't put candy directly over candy.
  7. No you need to mix it with the 4030 then put a transbase over it before putting another color over it.
  8. you can use anything for a stencil. I just painted these with a piece of cardboard for the craw. for the gill I used some random pattern ribbon and masking tape for the gill. I took the tape and taped 5 pieces together and cut the pattern out for the stripes.
  9. you need to cover any coat of candy with the intercoat clear or the candy will bleed through every color over it. other then that its good.
  10. machined as one piece. ty. the cad work was mostly the wife.
  11. riverotter


    now that's bad ass. love it
  12. poplar is my choice but I can make em out of almost anything.
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