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  1. Does anyone have any experience with this color or the flair tint Createx? What does it look like on a bait?
  2. Looking for a top overspray to get the screen look.
  3. I am looking for an iridescent violet/blue paint to give a white or pearl bait that blue/violet schene. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Looking to buy some medium density balsa in 3/8 and 3/4 for cranks. Where’s the best place? I’ve found some on eBay buy they do not specify the density.
  5. Anyone use polyurethane or sanding sealers?
  6. What do you guys use to seal your balsa before painting? Looking to start making some balsa baits. Thanks
  7. What is best to use to fill a hole in a balsa bait? I have one that has a small hole that needs repaired before I repaint. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know of a place that sells Jackall DD Cherry blanks? Thanks
  9. Has anyone used the $20 or less airbrushes off eBay that seem to be Iwata Eclipse KO style. I know you get what you pay for but sometimes these things pan out. Just wondering.
  10. Looking for hook options for my new Bullet Nose mold to make some swimbait heads. I got some Mustads 32786 for it but the shank needs to be longer. I’m not against modifying it but would rather not if I can find something to use. Thanks
  11. What plastic are you guys using?
  12. I am looking to start pouring some open molds and injection mold swimbaits. How do you get multiple colors when injecting molds like a 5" swimbait? I have found several bass tackle molds I like but not sure how to pull off the multi colors.
  13. Bob, what are you referring to as a solvent? Thanks
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