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  1. metalbul

    WTB Do-IT 10.5" Ribbon Tail Worm - 2 Cavity

    I need a Do-It Number 95229 10.5" Ribbon Tail Worm Mold - 2 Cavity. Thanks Bill.
  2. metalbul

    Printed Laminated Bags

    Thanks for your help, been pulling my hair out working on bags.
  3. metalbul

    Bait Bag Printing

    Does anyone know someone who does design work for printing bait bags, the printer wants it in layers? Thanks in advance for your help Bill.
  4. metalbul

    BTS 5" and 6" Swimbait molds(hook slot)

    I need 5" and 6" BTS swimbait molds hook slot model. I would like 2 each.
  5. metalbul

    Floating worms

    I had a 5" paddle tail mold made I am testing it now, so far so good, great in the grass.
  6. metalbul

    Floating worms

    I make them for my use ,one day I would like to make some to sale, I make them in two sizes 5.75 and 6.75 also working on a 4" They work great.
  7. metalbul

    Floating worms

    I make one very close to the old Edge worm, it is 5.75" long.
  8. metalbul

    Bob's Tackle Shop

    Thanks Jig Man, Bill.
  9. metalbul

    Bob's Tackle Shop

    Good to know
  10. metalbul

    Bob's Tackle Shop

    Has anybody talked to Bob?
  11. metalbul


    Want to buy 6" and or 7.5" Slug-Go injection molds
  12. metalbul

    Finesse Jigs

    We need someone to make finesse jigs for us, most will be 5/16 oz, ball head with 3/0 BN hook, weed guard, and skirt. please quote buy the dozen.
  13. metalbul


    Thanks for all the help
  14. metalbul


    Does anyone make a mold like a Fat IKA?
  15. metalbul

    Wacky Jig Head

    I need a wholesale supply for wacky jig heads, thanks