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  1. What I am mainly concerned with is the the Facebook page painters, “brotherhood of custom crankbait painting” and places such as bass baits buy and barter. The people in these pages will not hesitate to try and rip any good color or patterns off. I have a stencil for one of my cranks that has a very distinctive and unique swoop on the front behind the eye for a craw pattern. I posted a few on the Facebook auction site and sold them well and by the way this stencil looks nothing like the others, next thing I know a few weeks later I see a guy 3D printing stencils and selling them to people with
  2. I just don’t like the Facebook page painters rip off colors. I painted a bait that had a craw pattern with black and red a few weeks later I see one for sale on the page with the exact same craw pattern and color. Man I was pissed
  3. And if you have to ask how to make a certain color you probably shouldn’t be painting anyways.
  4. Why does literally everyone paint crankbaits now? It seems just a few years ago it was a small group of people who actually painted but now it seems anyone and everyone does it! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but it’s definitely flooded the custom bait market and what used to be custom is just another crankbait. It’s kind of ridiculous. I think a big part of it is the Facebook pages, they see people painting and they want to do it. They paint for a week total and are all of a sudden opening a custom crankbait business. It just makes it hard for painters who are talented to make a living as cr
  5. what would you say is the best airbrush paint. I have used createx, Golden, and com art water based. What would you say is the best water based airbrush paint or is a lacquer based paint better. I am a decent painter and have been painting for a few years but I just feel like there is something better out there. I’m talking atomization wise and no splatter and smooth transitions from colors on baits.
  6. Where are some places that supply fabric mesh to use as scales. I’ve been using some recently but I do not like it, I have tried Walmart, hobby lobby, Michaels, and local sewing shops. All the mesh they have the holes are either way too large or way too small, absolutely nothing in between. When I look online I have no way of telling how no the holes are. It seems all the big name manufacturers have the right size mesh but I cannot find it anywhere.
  7. Can someone tell me where I can find 6mm oval black nickel or black stainless split rings. I am not looking for shiny stainless. I have recently purchased 4,000 black nickel circle rings from a Chinese supplier and I need 2,000 more in oval same color. I have searched for days and contacted many suppliers and have came up blank. I don’t understand why it’s this difficult to find this specific ring
  8. Are they black nickel or a black stainless color, you can never tell online
  9. Can someone please help me find black nickel or black stainless oval split rings in 6mm. I have searched the internet and all of the Chinese wholesale websites and have come up blank, I’m ready to rip my hair out. I’m wanting to buy directly from China or already a wholesaler In USA who can come close to this prices. I was going to put black split rings from owner on my baits, they wanted $140 per thousand. I ordered 4K circle black nickel rings from China for $58 and I am wanting an oval split ring to match. Pleaseeee help
  10. Had to get rid of the neo and pick up a hpcs, huge difference in quality, spray quality, and easiness to clean
  11. bassmaster0726


    Well I’ve been using KBS for a while now and not please at how the finish holds up, chips verybeasily and hooks ruin very easily. It never seems to get “hard”. I can take my finger nail to a mass produced bait and not make a dent in the top coat but I do the same with my life dipped in KBS that has cured for weeks and I can easily dig my fingernail into it and dent/scrape the top coat. Going to have to go t auto clear.
  12. Don’t expect quality blanks, all the 1.5 squarebills inorde from them are garbage, I just use them for practice because they are cheap.
  13. Do you spray the 2021? What it gunna run me? And also is it’s thinner/harder than KBS
  14. So what clear/ method do you prefer say I were to be painting 100 or so cranks a day?
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