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  1. Had to get rid of the neo and pick up a hpcs, huge difference in quality, spray quality, and easiness to clean
  2. bassmaster0726


    Well I’ve been using KBS for a while now and not please at how the finish holds up, chips verybeasily and hooks ruin very easily. It never seems to get “hard”. I can take my finger nail to a mass produced bait and not make a dent in the top coat but I do the same with my life dipped in KBS that has cured for weeks and I can easily dig my fingernail into it and dent/scrape the top coat. Going to have to go t auto clear.
  3. bassmaster0726


    Don’t expect quality blanks, all the 1.5 squarebills inorde from them are garbage, I just use them for practice because they are cheap.
  4. Are the traps dipped in KBS?
  5. Do you spray the 2021? What it gunna run me? And also is it’s thinner/harder than KBS
  6. So what clear/ method do you prefer say I were to be painting 100 or so cranks a day?
  7. Well the reason I’m leaning toward a spray on auto clear is I have a bait about to go in production and I will be painting and clearing tons at a time.
  8. Do you know how to spray it properly?
  9. I’m looking at spraying an automotive cleR coat on a large number of baits instead of dipping KBS, anyone have experience with technique/ what brand clear to buy?
  10. Looking to purchase some clear coat that is a matte or flat finish, is there anything similar to KBS where I can just dip and hang?
  11. I am looking for clear packages that have inserts in them with a custom design and logo, anybody know where I can find them? I know they have them in China I was maybe thinking more local, thanks.
  12. I use KBS and when I do lipless baits I hang them upside down by two hangers then a drip where you would tie your line. But I’ve noticed when I do this bubbles accumulate on the top of the bait. Anyone know how to prevent this or another way to hang lipless baits without there being and excess
  13. Does anyone know of a quality 3D printer, 3D scanner, and CAD software that is not over the top expensive to create lure designs and stencils? Appreciate it
  14. Wel l simply because China is a hell of a lot cheaper I’m guessing, is this true?
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