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  1. bassmaster0726

    Big name company’s topcoat

    Does anyone know what topcoats some of the big guys such as strike king/6th sense/ Lucky Craft use for their top coat, seems to be more durable and thinner than my KBS
  2. bassmaster0726

    Custom Crankbait molds

    Guys I’m look omg for some information on how I would be able to/where to get a custom Crankbait mold made and have blanks made from it, from design of the bait all the way to the blank, can someone lead me in the right direction. Also what type of costs am I looking at from start to finish?
  3. bassmaster0726

    Dead on plastix

    Has anyone tried any of this stuff? You can get 5 gallons shipped for $132. Mainly looking at the crawfish formula. Any thoughts or opinions.
  4. bassmaster0726

    Zoom recipe

    I know what it looks like I just want to know if anyone has an exact recipe
  5. bassmaster0726

    Zoom recipe

    Anyone here know a good recipe that is exact or close to zooms South Africa special color?
  6. bassmaster0726

    Custom baits smelling and oily

    No I didn’t add anything to them
  7. bassmaster0726

    Custom order option on Baitjunky.coms

    Anyone have any idea what the custom order options are on it looks like they just have random names but no pictures or description.
  8. bassmaster0726

    Custom baits smelling and oily

    Yes I can possibly sometime tommorow
  9. bassmaster0726

    Custom baits smelling and oily

    I’m not sure what causes this, I did not add any softener or gardener or scent and I always mixed the plastic thoroughly,
  10. bassmaster0726

    Custom baits smelling and oily

    Well I recently gave up injecting and pouring soft plastics about 3 years ago, I am just now starting to get back into it and I went through a few bags of baits that have been sitting in my room for atleast 2 years. All the bags that I went through were extremely oily and put off a chemical odor, I only used “do-it” plastisol and “baitjunkys”, while baits junky’s being the considerably better plastic to work with IMO as far as clearness, bubbles, yellowing, and the quality of the plastic overall, both brands still put off an incredibly annoying odor, I’ve noticed that no old packs of the “big name” brand baits put off this similar odor nor do they become oily.
  11. bassmaster0726

    So how long did it take you to receive it? And will I also have to go to the P.O. to pick it up?
  12. bassmaster0726

    Who is cutting the molds? If you don’t mind me asking hpssports
  13. bassmaster0726

    I haven’t been replied to after sending an email 2 days ago, I pray it doesn’t take too long to get my mold if I even do, not bashing
  14. bassmaster0726

    I’ve emailed them about sending a tracking number if possible and never got any reply back we will see.
  15. bassmaster0726

    Well I guess I’ll just have to sit back and wait anxiously. Hasn’t anyone else noticed there molds look awefully similar(;to some very popular baits