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  1. Yes definitely true! I enjoy trying new stuff out and making my own just takes it to the next level. I bought a couple of Muskie Sized whopper Ploppers and I’ve had a few mates buy them now. that Ac invader is a great lure, Australian custom also do one called an AC slim. My go to trolling lure. The body is a Chartreuse and green banana about the size of your pinky but they are for golden perch.
  2. Yeah I’ve noticed our fresh water lures are very unique. But hey they work! Throwing those surface paddlers is the most exciting and addictive fishing I’ve ever done. You never know if the next cast will explode or not and usually when you are getting complacent that’s when one will strike. They strike so hard they make a loud crack sound that if your not ready for will scare the piss out of you! id be very keen to find out what the imitation rabbit is called. i think it’s funny you’ve been looking at our lures, because I’ve been looking at your lures for inspiration. Especially Muskie lures. some of our native lures Mudeye rattlesnake can’t remember AC invader jitterbug
  3. Give me a few weeks and I’ll throw up a few versions of my own
  4. The body fur looks to be a craft fur of some sort, (can see the netting underneath) and the tail is definitely natural I’d guess and say a strip rabbit.
  5. This is a Mudeye lures “Thingy” it’s a great lure. And where I got the idea from. I borrowed this from a mate who swears by them for trolling. Trouble is I want a sinking lure that I can cast in against structure that would closer Resemble the feeding habits of a water rat/otter type thing.
  6. Haha the shame of it. it will be rough!
  7. Thanks mate! Craft fur it is!
  8. I don’t know what you mean by “flocking it”? I wanted it to look like a water rat and I thought fur of some kind would give the best result. Ive seen a few lure parts stores have ‘Pseudo Hair - Imitation Polar Bear Hair’ . I just didn’t know if it would be good enough to survive
  9. I’m wanting to make a diving water rat imitation but I’m unsure what kind of fur to cover it with? any ideas or experience would be much appreciated
  10. My native fish here in Australia love hard thumping spinnerbaits . I’m after recommendations on hard thumping blades and comparisons between different brands. Extra points if you can tell me where to get them from! Thanks!
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