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  1. Exactly what i was looking for. Im not at the demand level to start weighing my plastic yet. However i like to mix some basic (Better selling colors) up in gallons. Like Black. Just saves me some time. Thankyou!
  2. I make up some of my main colors in gallon recipes. I was wondering if anyone has a accurate measurement from drops to say tablespoons. Just looking for a easier way rather then counting out 600 or so drops to make up a gallon.
  3. How does everyone clean out the glitter in your presto pots? Was wondering if there were any tricks to this?
  4. I get most of mine from LW. Just about every size i could ever need. I do need to find a replacement for Bear's Western Blue though.
  5. For the belly, id use the Hot Chart Powder from MF. It's a little pricey but WOW is it nice! http://pouryourownworms.com/Hot-Color-Powder_c86.htm
  6. I have an option on my page to sell sticks in 100 Ct bags. I was wondering where i could get bags similar or exact to what Gary (GYB Baits) uses for his 100 CT orders. See photo. Currently i use ziplocks. I have never had a complaint about it but I'm just looking for something thats a little more professional looking.
  7. Appreciate all the help! I found a work around to use what i already had in stock. Used some MF blue, MF Black and a lot of blue hi light.
  8. Sorry. When you said zipper i thought of these right off the bat.
  9. wouldn't that black line push more air into the tail? If you were to make a alteration, vent to the cutouts leaving the mold.
  10. Something like this? You can find me on Facebook; SINKO BAITS. Send me a PM if this is what you're looking for.
  11. Last year I had a guy come to me that wanted big 6" tubes. He was a musky fisherman. You could probably also hand dip them?
  12. Im looking for some guidance on what is the best SSR PID to buy for a presto pot. Ive done some searching and still am having trouble. Also with the probe. Where is the best place to put it? I assume if you just lay it in the plastic the rubber jacket may melt over time? Any tips on hooking one up would also help. Appreciate it!
  13. Both! I will start with about 36 ounces in the pot and mic another 36 ounces if I'm doing a huge run. As your going and as the pot is getting lower just keep heating plastic in the mic. Once you start injecting, don't had cold plastic to the pot as that will slow down your production time.
  14. Anyone have some success matching this color? Smoke Blue Pearl. See photo. Looks like a tone of blue hi lite in this.
  15. I found a mold that is very close to the Sexy Impact. I was wondering if any guys here pour/sell it on there sites? If so any issues with legal rights? ...Anything like that?
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