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  1. I don't get really scientific with it. I usually just pit some acetone in the paint bottle, shake the crap out of it and pour some into my airbrush hopper. Hope you find some in canada!
  2. I use it in my airbrush (can't remember the model - It's an Iwata brand). I thin it with acetone and shoot 25psi-30psi I don't know how to post a video (the color shift obviously is easier to see with a video), so I tool a screen shot of the video and added. This particular bait had a green / purple / teal shifting color and a light layer of the holographic on top.
  3. Hey everyone, The answer is probably here somewhere, but after a while of searching, I can't combine the right words to find the right thread I guess. I am about to paint some blanks for a friend of mine, and am already dreading the clear coat. Top water plugs, with gill slits in them - how in the world will I get a good clear coat coverage without filling in the slits? I normally use a 2 part mix (akin to Envirotex or something like that) as a clear coat. I really appreciate any ideas / help. Thank you Joe.
  4. Hope this is the correct application you're referencing? I really like the color shift that Spaz Stix gives me (using black or silver metallic backer is best). Sorry if I misunderstood your question https://www.hobbyrecreationproducts.com/collections/spazstix-color-changing-paint
  5. Didn't match purple tiger, but I like it anyway lol
  6. Good evening everyone. Any chance that one of you can please help me find the schedules for the Wiggle Wart V82 Purple Tiger? I have only been sent a couple pictures, and never seen one in person. That purple looks like some mix of candy red with a hint of candy purple? Heck I don't know - I've tried a few different things. Any help / advice is greatly apprecciated. Joe
  7. I am very sorry if this has been covered already. If it has, that will just confirm my suspicion that I can't work the search feature very well! I'd like to find some "Spook" type topwater blanks that haven't been glued. A friend of mine has asked about experimenting with different stuff inside to make different sounds. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you, Joe
  8. Helps me. I ended up buying another brush so I'd have one 35 / one 50. For a couple dollars more than the conversion kit, I bought an Eclipse gun at Hobby Lobby. Pearls / base coats I use the 50, 35 for everything else
  9. I did. Haven't gotten a response yet. Admittedly, it's only been a fee days since I emailed. I am barely good enough to consider myself an entry level bait painter - no where near ready for that kind of big-time stuff!
  10. Morning everyone, I've read / learned a lot already from y'all, don't know if I've posted yet! Anyone have an idea on where to find Bomber Long A blanks? Killer wake bait in NWArkansas. I tried to contact Bomber to ask about blanks / blend I could repaint, but no luck. Any advice / direction is appreciated. For reference, I've tried all the usual suspects as far as suppliers, but have stuck out so far. Thank you
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