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  1. The Plastics Man

    Custom Printed Packaing

    I know can supply printed bags, This is where I buy my unprinted bags from. In saying this, they may have them manufactured and printed by third party offshore though. I've been looking at getting my printed bag supplies from china. Looked into it and ATM procrastinating about it
  2. The Plastics Man

    Liquid UV Treatment

    Cheers Frank. As long as it doesn't affect the original intending colour ( unless it is placed under a black light). I do have a lot of clearer transparent colours in my range which I would not want to lose however, wanting to enhance them through using a UV liquid. The attached pic is black naturally and the same under the black light I have sent off a contact us form to Lureworks and wait for their response
  3. The Plastics Man

    Liquid UV Treatment

    I'm getting specks through the finished product after, adding to virgin plastisol. Thought of doing the unthinkable and whisking the plastisol with a mixer on the drill, then heating a little then whisking again before it reached 100c Degree The specks may be a good thing, Who knows how a fish thinks and how aquatic life exhibits their colouring attributes I only have the green UV powder but I'm looking for some blues and a red if available The UV glo 130 seems to be an opaque colour which will be the dominating colour I guess. I'll send a message to LureWorks to confirm Thanks for the replies
  4. The Plastics Man

    Liquid UV Treatment

    Thank you DaveMc1
  5. The Plastics Man

    Liquid UV Treatment

    Thanks Frank. I did go to the website and found the Dip & Glo range. Not sure if it's obscure in the site or not but I'm looking for an additive to mix into virgin plastisol rather than just dipping the made lure into the bottle. I'm finding the UV reactant powder I have is not dissolving completely and was advised some time ago about going the liquid method.
  6. The Plastics Man

    Liquid UV Treatment

    Just a quick Q, Liquid UV treatments to mix into your plastisol and colouring. Powder treatments just don't cut it for me. Any links to US suppliers ?
  7. The Plastics Man

    Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!!!!

    I have found that some top inject molds do not like to be clamped but some do. I have a mold from BT in various sizes and one requires to be bolted using the provided hardware where as another size/s can be easily shot using clamps. Put it down to where the bolts are positioned in relation to the breathing channels. Clamping over the channels will produce a bad shoot with one little chin bubble just below the sprue and unintentional eye sockets. Try using different injection pressure.
  8. The Plastics Man

    can you make a solid color?

    Usually, if I want a " Solid color" I add colorant after cooking virgin plastisol. Works well with liquid colors. Liquid white added "Hot" will also solidify whatever color you have added however you'll need compensate to achieve your intended result.
  9. The Plastics Man

    Thermochromic coloring pigments

    Forgive me if there is a post/ thread buried through the pages, but has anyone heard of, used these temperature dependent changing color powders? Not that much out there in the cyber world relating to SP crafting. I would like to read up about it if there are any useful links or member experience.
  10. The Plastics Man

    Wanted:Kiwi Powder Pigment Australian supplier. Not sure if they ship internationally
  11. The Plastics Man

    Smelt recipe?

    Using White and Pearl White for the bottom, black powder on top as your base colors. Hi Lites and fleck to your taste
  12. The Plastics Man

    Australian Liquid Plastics

    I'm sure that the OP is referring to a 5 lt electric pot with an external element underneath. The thermo control can be controlled. Have it set to 8 on the dial, it's regulated to 180c. I use one my self My first post here, just signed up to clarify the deep fryer Q for JRammit... Hello from Aussie. I'll navigate around and introduce myself :-)