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  1. Thank you, guys, for your responses. This is the first time I've tried lure making and the topcoat has me pretty nervous. I've not used epoxy before, so I don't know if it runs like regular super glue (which I used as a sealer before priming) or if it is more like super glue gel. I used the hair dryer to help dry the seal coats and my paint. I am not sure about the epoxy, though. Also, thanks to the threads here, I found that brushing is the preferred method of application and to clean my brushes with denatured alcohol. Once I get my first two lures topcoated, I'm sure the ones that follow will not be as nerve racking for me. I just don't want to ruin my first ones!
  2. LnkrHntr

    Crawfish 2

    I'm interested to hear how the craft foam holds up. I've thought of using it to make fins and tails on some of my lures. Your lure is beautiful!
  3. LnkrHntr

    the pink bad pike

    My granddaughter would love that color!
  4. Can a hair dryer be used to accelerate the curing/drying time of Devcon 2 Ton epoxy topcoats, or are the fumes too flammable for the heat source?
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