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  1. Hi all i am looking to build a long musky rod, my locker will not fit over 8 ft. I want a 9 foot rod So i am thinking of trying to build a telescoping rod. any idea on how i can accomplish this. specs for what i am looking for XH Power Rod 9′, 9’6″ Lure weight rated: 2-8oz Line weight rated: 60-130lb – Power: Extra Heavy – Speed/Action: Medium Fast Let me know if you have any advice
  2. I am using lead from roto metals, This seems to happen after i have poured a few good jigs so i dont think it is temp of the mold, i may be pouring to fast, i will try that.
  3. Hi I am new to jig pouring, I have a poison tail mold PTJ-3-AFM. i am having a issue with the pour. i keep getting this hole right under the pouring inlet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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