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  1. Jeff Hahn

    Need a line tie when jig fishing

    I bought a pack of the swivels that I linked above. I got to try them out over the last two days when fishing a swim jig in pads and grass up here on Georgian Bay. FYI - They work fantastic!
  2. Jeff Hahn

    Jackhammer Heads

    The Do-It Sparkie head is about as close as you can get without having a custom mold made.
  3. Jeff Hahn

    Need a line tie when jig fishing

    I thought about the tie-able wire. But, I've never used it so I don't know if it would fit my needs or not or how well it works. The Spro swivels that I ordered arrived yesterday. It looks like they are going to work great.
  4. Jeff Hahn

    Need a line tie when jig fishing

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Jeff Hahn

    Bladed Jig head recommendation ???

    A narrower head would probably allow more side to side movement of the blade. If that's what you want, then I'd go with the Arkie head. On my baits, I want the blade banging the head.
  6. Jeff Hahn

    Bladed Jig head recommendation ???

    A Sparkie jighead is what you want, if you want the blade banging on the head. I think that Do-It makes two Sparkie molds. Do-It makes a weedless Sparkie mold, too. But the head looks a little narrower at the front that the non-weedless Sparkie mold.
  7. Jeff Hahn

    Need a line tie when jig fishing

    There is a very healthy largemouth population where I fish in Georgian Bay, Ontario. The problem is that there are a lot of pike, too. I get tired of losing jigs to toothy little pike. So, last year I started using a plastic coated wire leader on my jigs. It didn't affect my catch rate or the size of largemouth that I caught at all. I make my own leaders. Instead of using a snap on the end that attaches to the jig, I attach the leader permanently using a leader sleeve. The problem is on the other end of the leader where I tie my line. Last year, I used a split ring. The problem is that the split ring catches a lot of weeds, ruining the presentation. So, I tried a barrel swivel. It was better, but not by much. So, I'm looking for an alternative. Here's the best option I've found. I know these will still catch some grass. But, I bet a whole lot less than the split ring or barrel swivel. Anyone have any experience with these heavy duty swivels? I wonder if the smallest one, 150 pound test, will be too big? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  8. Jeff Hahn

    Opening Hook Eyes for Chatter Blades

    This is how I make 90% of my vibrating jigs. But, I made a few weedless vibrating jigs using an Arkie mold and wanted a shorter hook so the weedguard would work. I used a regular 60 degree Mustad jig hook and had to open the eye to attach the blade.
  9. Jeff Hahn

    Opening Hook Eyes for Chatter Blades

    I laid the hook across a vice and then used a punch to open the eye. In my experience, lighter "taps" with a hammer worked much better than hard "blows." I tried the hard "blows" on the first couple hooks. But, given that hooks are made of such hardened material, I shattered the eye on a couple hooks before I backed off.
  10. Jeff Hahn

    Need help finding this lure making part

    I have taken a couple of the larger Figure 8 Links and cut them, bent the wire into a smaller loop, and made baits out of them. In theory, they should act like the small Figure 8 Link, but they don't. I suspect that it's due to the larger ones being made of thicker wire.
  11. Jeff Hahn

    Need help finding this lure making part

    Yes, I have some of those, also. They are larger than I want.
  12. Jeff Hahn

    Need help finding this lure making part

    I never heard of that outfit. They do have a lot.
  13. Jeff Hahn

    Need help finding this lure making part

    I have some of those from Barlow's. They are smaller than the Jann's Size 3, but much larger than the Jann's Size 1.
  14. On the left is the Figure 8 link from Jann's that I use to make bladed jigs. It's a Size 3. On the right is a Size 1 Figure 8 link from Jann's. I prefer the Size 1, but the one that Jann's sells is made of a soft metal, almost like what you'd find in a jewelry making kit. After one or two fish, the link gets bent and the bait won't run well. Plus, continuously readjusting results in the link getting loose in the jighead. I really want to find more of the Size 1 Figure 8 links but in a harder metal. Any ideas...particularly of a product like this that is used in some other kind of manufacturing and not advertised as a lure making part?
  15. Jeff Hahn

    Straight Shakee blades vs. Bent

    I don't use a split ring and I always bend my blades. Not all of my vibrating jigs "hunt" like you mentioned. But, when I make one that does, it set it aside for use when the $$$ is on the line. I have found that it may take some use to get a bait to hunt. The longer it is used, the deeper the grooves that the blade makes in the head, the more the bait "hunts." That's why I never powder paint my heads. Powder paint is too tough and won't allow the blade to dent and groove the lead head very well.