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  1. Skirts Under Control

    Good thinking!
  2. Trigger Transplant

    Thanks for the info. It would be tedious. If my local buddy doesn't want to mess with it. I'll bring it down to you in March.
  3. Trigger Transplant

    Hal: Here are the pics. I'm pretty sure that any attached trigger would need to be pinned to take much of the strain off of the glue.
  4. Trigger Transplant

    I have a local buddy who, I am pretty certain, can add a trigger. In fact, he likes new and challenging projects like this! Is this who I think it is?
  5. Trigger Transplant

    The reel seat on the rod is a Fuji TPS-D16G model.
  6. Trigger Transplant

    Not a pistol grip. It's a Lew's Laser with the old Power Plus handle. I love those handles as much as I love the rod blank on those rods.
  7. Long story short, I found one of my favorite old original Lew's rods at a bass fishing swap meet yesterday. I had to buy it. The problem is that the guy cut the trigger off. This was a common practice around here a number of years ago when flipping finesse jigs with spinning tackle was the rage. At that time, no company made a long, heavy action spinning rod and braided line was not yet on the market. So, everyone bought a casting rod to flip with, cut the trigger off, and used it with a big spinning reel. I did the same thing with a flipping rod many years ago. And, when I wanted it converted back to a casting rod, a friend reinstalled a trigger for me. I have no idea how he did it. But, all you can see is a fine line between the trigger and the bottom of the reel seat. I don't know if he just glued it or used a pin and glue. The problem is that the guy who did this repair for me as since moved out of the area. Any suggestions on how a trigger can be reattached to this rod?
  8. Do-it Weedless Football Jig issues

    I always preheated my mold by making several "false" pours without hooks. Once I pour in the lead, I sit the mold on top of my Hot Pot for a few minutes. Then, I remove the lead from the cavities and repeat the process. I usually do this 3 times and the mold is plenty hot to begin pouring with hooks. Just a guess, but your method may not be getting the inside of the mold hot enough. I also assume that you have smoked your mold?
  9. Making Own Silicon Strands - Is this possible?

    Just a guess, but I would suspect that unless you are going to make thousands of skirt tabs, you would never recoup your start-up costs, compared to buying from LPO or
  10. Keeping eyelets clear while curing

    I hang the jigheads by the eye on the oven rack using a straightened out paper clip. Put an old cookie sheet underneath. This way, if the paint runs, it will drip away from the eye.
  11. Trokar swim jig as chatter bait

    Yes, bend the top of the blade back toward the hook.
  12. Chatterbait "hunting"

    I have found that the type of trailer has a major effect on "hunting." I prefer a split tail trailer, as it does not seem to interfere with the hunting action. But, a trailer with two appendages or a trailer with a big boot tail or big twister tail adds too much stability to the bait and will reduce or prevent it from hunting. Think about the trailer as acting like the tail of a kite. With a kite, you want to add as long a tail as necessary to stabilize it in flight. But, with a vibrating jig, you want to add as little of a tail/trailer as possible, so that the bait runs right on and over the edge of being stable, so that it can dart off to the side frequently.
  13. Difference in Chatterbait Blade Vibration

    I don't know about the Chatterbait Elite model, but the aftermarket rounded blades are thicker than the blades used on the original RAD Chatterbaits and the initial ZMan Chatterbaits. I wonder if the thickness of the blades is an issue in how it thumps? I thought about buying some stainless steel stock with the same thickness as the original blades and cutting my own blades, rather than buying the blades from tackle suppliers. But, I never got that done.
  14. Chatter bait jig selection

    I got one of these heads by accident. It was mixed in with a bag of LPO's Classic Grass jigs that I bought. I added a steel leader and made it into a swim jig to use in Canada, where lots of toothy critters live. Maybe I'll rethink that and add a split ring and give it a shot as a bladed jig.
  15. weedless tube jig issues

    Yep, this^^^. I had the same problem when pouring a jighead using plastic coated wire. Apparently, the melting plastic creates a gas that prevents the lead from completely filling the mold cavity.