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  1. Have you tried using a twin wire weedguard on your finesse jig, rather than the fiber weedguard? I use these wire weedgaurds on many of my jigs and prefer them in many situations to fiber. https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Wire-Weedguard
  2. I use Sally Hansen fingernail polish to paint my blades. It may chip off after a while, but is easily reapplied.
  3. If the hooks are cold, the lead will harden quickly when it hits the hook. You might allow the hooks to sit in the warm mold for a minute before pouring. This may allow the lead to form around the hook more completely. As far as the hook being loose in the mold, you could take a little high temp red silicone and put a light coating where the hook lies. This will prevent it from moving around when you close the mold. As far as the buzz bait pulling to the left...if the bait only has one blade, the direction that the blades are bent will dictate whether the bait runs to the right or left. A single bladed buzz bait will never run straight.
  4. I believe that is how Eagle Claw designated their heavier hooks...same model number but with an "H" after it.
  5. If you have a jighead mold that incorporates a collar on the jighead, pour the jighead without a hook and then use gate cutters to cut off the collar portion to use in lieu of a nail weight.
  6. Eagle Claw used to make their regular 570 and also a heavy wire version of the same hook. They did this with several of their smaller hooks. You might be looking for the heavy wire version of the 570.
  7. Those look a lot like Tim Poe's spinnerbaits. Any idea what hook he used on his?
  8. When curing my jigs in the oven, I used bent out paperclips. One end goes into the hook eye and the other end hangs on the oven rack. This way, if I do get a drip, it runs toward the hook rather than toward the head. I put an old cookie sheet under the jigs so that no paint will drip inside the wife's oven!
  9. Here's what I use. https://barlowstackle.com/Wire-Weed-Guard-P3836/ Jann's has something similar https://www.jannsnetcraft.com/Search/wire weed guard.aspx You can also use stainless wire to form a loop that clips underneath the point of the hook.
  10. Very nice looking jigs!
  11. These also work great as line cutters in the boat.
  12. I used the 3/8" size from Jann's. No problem bending the wire, but still quite heavy duty. https://www.jannsnetcraft.com/plug-parts/310311.aspx
  13. Never saw a jig, let alone an ice jig, like those. Is that what you use to catch the famous Bill Engvall Dork Fish!
  14. This is what I use. https://www.lurepartsonline.com/Wire-Weedguard
  15. Exactly what I do and have never had a weedguard pull out. Make sure to use the super glue GEL, as the liquid will wick up the weedguard and cause problems.
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