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  1. Thanks for the info guys, Doesn't seem to be a lot on this subject. The info posted here was helpful. I'm gonna try a few different options. One being Decal paper, Two, find some very thin mil paper to print on. I tried the tissue but i either have the wrong tissue or printer for that. The wraps you guys did look amazing. I did one, just using what i had, plain printing paper. Once i sprayed the back with glue, it made the paper easier to work around the curves but was still a pain. It turned out ok. The tail piece, discolored but the front two sections where not to bad. Still needs the final clear coat to shine it up. It being a swimbait, made it a little more difficult. So this is my first attempt and i learned a lot so the next will be much, much better. LOL....Hopefully!
  2. I call this a Florida rig. I thought of it while I was out fishing on the saltwater flats near Panama city Florida. I was using a popping bobber with a gulp shrimp and half the time it seems the Trout or redfish would hit the bobber as I popped it back to the boat. This is simple a double bladed tornado lure modified with a drop wire with either one or two eyes for just about any combination you want to put on the bottom. from jigs, shrimp, worm and many other things could be used. the lure stays on top while being retrieved with the jig or other bait clipped below trailing under water below the lure. It is a work in progress and has not been tested properly yet. It is meant for saltwater flats but might work for other fish by changing out the bottom bait.
  3. saltangler

    3BG7 Real Gill

    This is a 7 inch bluegill swim bait called the Real Gill with a built in rattle chamber. Made by Paul Williams.
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